Shop my Closet

How many times have you bought something only to wear it once or twice? Yeah, we've all done it. Normally I sell my gently worn clothes at a yard sale or donate them, but I figured I might as well try listing them online first. I've got nothing to lose, right? So here's some of the things from my spring cleaning of my room. I will be posting more soon. I have a paypal account and will accept payment there, or you can mail a check or money order to my P.O. box. Whatever works for you! If you are interested in any items, please send an email to with the item you are interested in in the subject. Thanks, and happy shopping!

Spring/Summer floral print dress from JCP.
Size 9
$20 shipped.

Black/White & Yellow Floral print dress
Size 7
$20 shipped

Miniature Duffle Bag Purse
12" long, 5" deep
Zipper compartment on inside
2 button compartments outside
$10 shipped

Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas REVERSIBLE Tote
One side has Jack and tons of tiny stars
the other side has tons of purple bones and skeleton heads
Shoulder strap is purple and black
$20 shipped

Pink & Orange Turbulence tote or laptop carrier
Outside is pink with orange flowers
inside is pink and orange striped
$20 shipped

Brown shirt, can double as a dress
Size M
97% Polyester
$10 shipped

Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas Shirt
Size XXL but wears like a L graphic Tee
100% Cotton
Gray and has Jack & Sally on the front
"Simply meant to be" 
$20 shipped

Victoria's Secret Hoodie 
Size XS
White & Navy blue striped
says LOVE pink in Gold lettering very small on hoodie
Gold "pink" dog at the bottom
$15 shipped

LONDON Light Jacket
100% Cotton, Size M
Navy Blue with red and white stripe on each side
Zipper in front
$25 shipped

Victoria's Secret Cropped Yoga Pants
Originally $30
 Size L
Black with tie die waist band
waist band says LOVE PINK in Gold print
$15 shipped

Bikini Top
Size M
Black with multicolored polka dots and a metal peace sign in middle
$7 shipped

Billabong Trucker Hat
White cap, black in front with pink symbol and white Billabong print
$10 shipped