Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reminder. Blog Moved.

This is just a friendly reminder as I still have new followers joining in on this blog, that I have moved.


Please click the link above to go to my new blog. (All my old blog posts are there, I just moved URL's). I will no longer be posting here. I hope you will follow me, at my new home blog.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Blog is Moving & more wedding pics

Okay Friends, This Little Light of Mine is such a popular blog name, that I wanted a name a bit more me, a bit more unique. SO, along comes Brown Eyed Bell(e).

The name is special, because it's a play on words. Read around the new blog, and you will discover why.

Anyways, I snagged the http://browneyedbell.blogspot.com/ url and I hope you will follow me over there.

I tried to just change over my old blog URL to the new one, but it wasn't working right, so I created a brand new blog with the new URL, and imported all my old posts, so everything is still there. :) Phew!

I am really really excited about the new name. Of course, I couldn't get rid of this little light of mine completely(as you will see on my new header), as that just reflects me so well. I just want my light to shiiiiine so so bright.

But yeah, check it out! And if you are a current follower, please follow me over at Brown Eyed Bell(e) as I will no longer be posting here.

I posted my first "official" post on BEB today, and it's more pictures from the wedding! Be sure to check it out!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double Rainbow

I saw a double rainbow on both Saturday and Sunday. And all I could think of was:


Well, that's not all I could think of. I was in complete awe at the beauty. And to see one two days in a row, double beauty. But anyways, if you have never watched the double rainbow original, and song, PLEASE click and watch these two short youtube video's. You won't regret it.

And here's my double rainbow... and the second one was a double too, though you can't tell from the picture.

Oh, I also posted in my pet blog today, please be sure to check it out, and follow if you are an animal lover as well :) Killed while trying to save a dog.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Monday, Cutest Couple & Father's Day

Today does not feel like a Monday to me. I guess part of that is because Sunday's are my Monday, but, that's besides the point.

I woke up planning to go get a walk in outside before it got too hot. Well, in Florida, 9am is already too late. So, I worked out inside, walking 2 miles with Leslie Sansone.
Leslie! With a giant flash on her head. Oops
My Yoga Mat :)
Why it's hard to work out inside.

Afterwards, my hubby asked if I wanted to go see a movie, and grab lunch with him. I figured with an early enough movie, I'd have time before my afternoon shift, so I said yes (again) :) He really wanted to see Super 8, and I was down, so that was the plan. We also invited a mutual friend, so the three of us were off. I really had no clue what Super 8 was about (I usually don't when he chooses the movie) BUT I was just happy to be hanging out. I ended up really liking the movie. I definitely recommend it. The kid stars of that movie are awesome. They make it! :)

We then enjoyed soup and salad at Chili's where we got a 50% employee discount, thanks to our friend T! Yum!

As we were on our way home, I received a text from my boss that said my afternoon shift was cancelled, and that work looked to be slow all week. No Bueno for my paycheck this week.

Oh, also, I entered my husband and I into a "Cutest Couples" contest. Yes, we are that couple. :D Anyways, my entry didn't make the first phase, so it will be available for voting next phase, BUT my friend entered a photo from our wedding day as well, so for this round, let's get her into the finalists. :) Vote for the picture she took of my husband and I please!

Oh, and one more side note. I had all intentions on creating an awesome photo tribute for my Daddy on Father's Day, however, time did not allow. SO, though I did not mention it on my blog yesterday (since I had all intentions to come back and blog more later) I hope all the Father's and Father's to be out there had an incredibly blessed Father's Day :) I tried my hardest to ensure my Dad did so. Love him SO much! Since I didn't get to do my photo tribute yesterday, I will post one from my wedding day for now.
Seeing me for the first time in my dress <3

Ready to give me away. <3

Have a BLESSED week everyone!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week 8 - Awakening your creative side

I am so excited about this weeks topic. Awakening your creative side. This is the perfect read for me as I am trying oh so hard to become more creative this year. I've never been much of a DIYer, but I have done a few projects this year:
especially as they led up to my April wedding. And I had a LOT of fun doing it. I explored stores I'd never been to before, such as SOHO, or Southern Hospitality, a store with an over abundance of awesome stuff. I also ventured into Michael's and Joanne's much more frequently than I ever had before. And I found myself enjoying the stuff I saw.

SO, reading guest blogger LA's post today on Sometimes Sweet's : 8 weeks to a better me, was so much fun. LA gave 14 ways to start awakening your creative side. And you know what? They are easy to do. I can't wait to start awakening my creative side more. Look out world, Heather is about to become more crafty. :)

1. Create at least one page for my friendship scrapbook. I desperately want to make an awesome friendship scrapbook, and a wedding one. However, I am choosing to start with the friendship one first as I've already got a few pages made for that one (no thanks to myself) I had friends that wanted to participate bring an already created page to my bridal shower back in March. I got some really cute pages, that I will display SOON. But, my goal this week is to create just ONE page. Small goal, but hey, we all start somewhere, right?

2. Use my Pinterest account. I created one a few weeks ago, upon the recommendation of some of my craftier friends, and have yet to use my account. It's the perfect place to catalog all things pretty, that catch my eye. SO, this week, I will save some stuff there. :)

3. Set up a crafting night with friends. Me and some friends have been talking about this for awhile. We usually have a girly night in which we watch Gossip Girl, or some other show we like, however we have been talking about wanting to share our different crafting ideas, one friend sews, another crochets, another bakes, etc etc. We all have our own creative sides. It's time to show it :D


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Google let me down.

So, I am a huge fan of google. I google practically everything. Any time someone asks me something I don't know, my reply is "I'm not sure, google it".

WELL, google let me down, epically on Thursday. Sigh.

While I blame google, it's partially my fault, and I know that. I should have been more prepared.

Here's how the story goes (true story). I had an appointment set at a hair salon I'd never been at before. It's pretty far away, in a different city. I was going there because a friend of mine (whom I haven't seen in YEARS) works there. I wanted a change, so I booked an appointment with her.

Well, I thought  the salon she worked at was located in Altamonte Springs, BUT when I googled it, it gave me an address in Orlando. Even better I thought, that's about 30 minutes closer to me than I thought it was.

Did I once think to double check that address? or go to the OFFICIAL salon website? Nope.

So, I had this address in mind. I even had my husband get directions for me the next day. When he told me the exit, I was excited, because I was a bit familiar with the exit, family used to live off it. He even zoomed in on google maps and showed me how different buildings should look at the few turns I'd be making once off the interstate.

I was ready to go! I decided not to bring my good ol' TomTom GPS, as I was pretty familiar with this exit, and it was only two turns from there.

BIG mistake.

My appointment was at 11am. I left  by 9:30am, to be safe, I figured that would put me there about 30 minutes early. And I always like to be early.

If I only knew what the day would bring.

I hate driving. If you know me, you know that. 9x out of 10, even if I take my car somewhere, if there is a passenger with me, I let them drive. Well, I went by myself, so I had no choice but to drive. Sometimes I get anxiety when I drive. I don't understand why, I never had issues with it in the past, but in early 2006, I started to suffer. UGH! But yeah, I was a little anxious this trip, and I was OH SO HAPPY to see exit 75ish that I thought I needed.

I followed my memory to a tee, passed the building Ryan had showed me in google maps. Pulled into what I thought was the plaza that the salon was in. Relaxed for a few minutes to calm my interstate driving nerves, then figured I'd call the salon to find out exactly where they were at in this big plaza.

The receptionist says "Um, I'm not sure where you are. I've never heard that address before." LAST THING I WANTED TO HEAR AT THAT MOMENT. She gives me the new address, on Altamonte Springs Drive and I say "Uh oh, I am assuming that means it is in ALTAMONTE SPRINGS?, Well, instead of being 30 minutes early, I will now be 30 minutes late, I am not even in the right CITY" SIGH AGAIN.

She assured me it'd be okay, that my stylist had another opening at 12, so it'd all work out. And, thankfully, it did.

I was dreading(I'll be honest, thought about turning around and going home and curling up in my bed again at that point) getting back on the interstate. I had 20 more exits to go. Ugh. Another 20-30 minute drive. In a big city (I dislike driving period, but I REALLY dislike city driving) BUT, I sucked it up, I really wanted to get a new hair style, and went on my way.

Sure enough, I was about 40 minutes late. Got there around 11:40. Was taken right back, and my friend and stylist had me in and out in an hour, in time for her next appointment at 1pm. SO, it was fine. She chopped all my layers off, like I wanted, and even plopped a little pink feather in my hair. It was a good trip! Here's a few pics:

After the appointment, I repaid my troubles by making a quick stop at XXI, as we don't have one in my city, and I bought an adorable dress that I pictured on Friday's Fabulous Friday post, and an awesome shirt that has not been pictured yet, but that I did wear on Friday to a coffee shop date with me and 11 friends! <3

Friday also brought about some drama that was totally unexpected and blown way out of proportion, but ya know what, what can ya do? especially when the drama is based on events that never happened. Gotta love it.

On a happier note, here's my two fur babies on Wednesday. I buried a squeeky toy, which is why Chico's nose is a little dirty. haha.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous Friday! :) & Your best shot

Hello Friends! :) I hope you've had some fabulous things going on this week! Be sure to grab a button, link up, and share your fabulous things of the week!

Some of the fabulous things in my life this week are:

Pandora - now I'm sure some of you have been using this forever, BUT, I am new to it. And loving it. So much easier to workout when I have a plethora of awesome tunes to listen to. All I gotta do is "create" a radio station of an artist I love, and they do the rest, IE, play all kinds of songs, in the same genre of the person I like. Plus, I can give the thumbs up, or down, to any song, which helps them gather my tastes and pick music I am more guaranteed to enjoy. Ahhh. Technology.

A weekend off - My husband has been working A LOT of over time lately. BUT, as of now, it looks as if we will have this weekend together. I can't wait! We will attend our young adults fellowship at church tomorrow night, and then, who knows what for Saturday. Maybe just a lazy day. :)

My in-laws celebrated 26 years of marriage this week!

Altamonte Springs Trip - Okay, so the trip itself was NOT fun, as I had the wrong original address, thus leading me to the wrong spot, BUT, I eventually got to the salon I needed to go to, got my hair cut, and then bought myself this dress at the local XXI, as a reward for the stresses of the trip. :)

FBCH - I went on a monthy trip with my young adults class at church to the children's home. I always enjoy going there to socialize and hang out with these kids (k-12 grade age). This trip was extra fabulous because we got the news that four of the children had went home to their families. Praise God. AND, we had a bigger turnout than usual. Another praise.

Free Smoothie Day! Wear Flip Flops into Tropical Smoothie today, and the 1st 100 get a free smoothie. How easy is THAT?! I'm heading that way as soon as I hit "publish" 

New outfits out of old pieces - I've been following my goal this week for 8 weeks to a better me and creating new outfits from my closet. So far so good! I created 3 new outfits so far this week.

pink cami over floral dress
threw some summer sandals with a floral dress because of the brown's
threw a pink top under a sleeveless dress that I actually have listed on my SHOP my CLOSET page

Surprisingly, I don't normally wear dresses, but this week ended up being a dressy kinda week. Though one of the outfits I threw together had to do with dark denim jeans, a yellow tank layered under a black polo and topped off with yellow flats. I forgot to take a picture of that outfit. Oops!

Also, I'm entering a photo of my late Lab, and my cat Ashes into The Paper Mama photo competition: