Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31st, 2010? Check.

Last night was my annual Halloween Bonfire. I must say it has calmed down a BUNCH over the years, and that does not upset me in the least. 2008 was pretty rowdy! Last night was a calm mixture of many different friends that were able to enjoy each others company and catch up for a bit (something that is often hard to find time to do). We just had a few drinks, ate some food, listened to music, hung by the fire, watched Dawn of the Dead, and vented a bit about different things in our life. Here's a few pictures.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

warrior princess, pirate, sailor, 70's stuff

those are some of the choices I had for a Halloween costume this year for mine and my roomies annual Halloween Bonfire. I chose to save some moolah this year and instead of buying a new costume (though there was one I wanted!) I am going with choices of old costumes friends gave me! Nothing better! Which one do ya think I chose?

Not too much to report on today. Semi relaxing Saturday. I walked the lake this morning (I really need to start running) while my fiance ran. He did the lake 2x (6 miles!) oh my! I am so very proud of him. One month ago he had never ran in his life, and now today he pretty much completed two 5K's at once. Go him!

Around the house I watched an Oprah special with my dad and got caught up on one of two episodes of biggest loser with my roomie.

Now we have some finger foods in the oven baking, time to get ready to make some new memories with friends. I love having the time to catch up with them. The weather has turned out wonderful for a fire. Woohoo!


Friday, October 29, 2010

the "other" children

A lot of my friends have children (whom I adore might I add). However, for me, my pets ARE my children. If you know me, you know I have a passion for helping animals, whether it be finding a FUREVER home for a stray, rescuing one off the streets, or just fundraising for my local SPCA. Anything animals, I am on it! With that being said, let me introduce you to my zoo. I currently have 3 cats and 3 dogs. Let me explain further by saying I am a dog person, not so much cats. I love my cats, yes, but they are more independent, I just ensure they are healthy and happy (aka up to date on their shots and fed, and of course that they are inside during extreme conditions outside). Dogs on the other hand, they are like kids to me, my dog Chico, is spoiled rotten.

Meet Chico! I've had him since October 2006. He just turned 4 this year! He is one of the lights of my life! Never ceases to bring a smile to my face! He is a rescued shelter dog, I got him from the Polk County SPCA. I brought him home as a foster, and well, it's 4 years later!

Meet Tanner & Paris. I bought them as a present for my dad in December 2005. 1st pic is them the day my dad "opened" his present of puppies. 2nd photo is more recent, they grew up!

Meet Friskie. I can't say exactly how long I've had her without checking some OLD vet records. I'd venture to say I've had her since around 1992ish. She's pretty old and ornery. She is known for being nice and sweet and then when she decides she is done with you, turning on you.

Meet Ashes. Again, I'd have to check vet records to tell you exactly how old he is. He is kinda the neighborhood cat. He used to live across the culdasac from me, then those owners had to move and were going to get rid of him, so I took him in! He still acts like he owns the circle and many of my friends have freaked out thinking they've hit him before. He tends to run directly in front of cars. Good thing we are not on a busy street! I actually can say as of recent that he must have realized he's used a few of his 9 lives, he hasn't been running in front of cars AS much.

Meet Chloe. Another SPCA baby. She also started out as a foster baby. I actually did return her AND she got adopted out (such an amazing feeling when your fosters find furever homes!) however she came down with ring worm on her nose and her new owners decided they didn't want her any more :( (they didn't need her anyways, hello, ring worm?! so curable!) So the shelter asked me if I'd take her home to doctor her up (of course warning me that it'd take a few weeks and I could get more attached but at the same time recovery is so much quicker at home than in a shelter) I took on the task, and hello, a few years have went by. I think this was some time between 2005 and 2006.

So that's my crew! :)

Today was quite a productive day when it comes to marking off my "pet to do list". I took Tanner in to get weighed (he is on a doggie diet, needing to go from 20lbs to 12) and today was a good weigh in. He's down to 16lbs. I took Chico in to get his nails clipped however there was a wait so I said I'd come back. Both of these tasks were done at my vets office. Then I ventured way out to the SPCA to get annuals done for my cats. They are all due however I could not handle 3 pet carriers myself so Ashes and Chloe were the lucky two to go since they go outside the most. I don't think they liked me much after the shots, but it's all good, tomorrow is a new day. I also was informed on this trip that Ashes has a heart murmur. I didn't know that. :(

After all that was accomplished it was time to relax with dinner and a movie with my Daddy, fiance, and a friend of mine who was celebrating a birthday today! I made these amazing sandwiches that I make sometimes. (amazing as in delish, not healthy). Note: We had sweet potato fries AND tots with them. Mhm! And btw the sandwiches had ham, turkey, salami, pepperoni, and two types of cheeses. Yum!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

power tools, play dates, and laundry

I got to play with power tools today! an electric chainsaw!
also had to split some bigger pieces of wood. It was too hot outside for this job! It got old real quick.

While the wood madness was going on, Chico had a playdate! Of course, 1st he had to sniff him out (though they've had many play dates before), then he had to decide if he wanted to share his toys, and then they just ran around until it was time for Peewee to go home (but Chico got a car ride out of this too!)

Note: The egg baby above (yellow duck that had 3 yellow squeaky eggs stuffed in it) are from Auntie Tina :)

After I gave up on chopping wood in the heat I decided to clean my room (way over due) though I actually never really got past sorting and putting away laundry. First I threw in my mattress protector and sheets in the wash. I was so afraid I'd get my tempurpedic mattress dirty in the short time that I had the cover off it. The price on that beast is no joke! still paying it off. It's well worth it though, I can sleep on my side again without pain. Yay!

 In the process of organizing laundry I realized I have a lot of clothes. I shouldn't complain because I am blessed.

Closet looked empty because half of the stuff was getting reorganized on my bed, of course when it was done, closet was STUFFED again. Ugh! I need to clear out soon.

Now I'm feeling a bit accomplished and heading out to a friends to finish up watching Sex & The City. We started watching the entire box DVD set from season 1 and are now on the LAST season. Eek! What to do when we finish?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giggle of the day.

I'm sure most of you have already seen this video or heard about, but if not, you have to watch it. I admit the 1st part of the video is sad and I don't like laughing at the situation, BUT at the same time, this guy has made some good money from the remake/song and was able to move his family out of the projects, so good came from it. :)

The tune is so catchy! "We gunna find you! So you can run and tell that, run and tell that!"

This video never ceases to make me giggle since it was shown to me.

Unrelated, last night as I drove home from work I was praying hard for some guidance. When I made it home, I went to let the dogs out, and I see this leaf (or two leaves I should say) sitting on a plastic container in my backyard.

I thought the leaves shaped in to a heart was an awesome sign <3


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5lbs. Say Wha?!

Sorry blogging world, you won't be getting much from me today. I am in a blah kinda mood (which I was in well before I found out at the gym that I had gained 5lbs over the last month or so). So many things going on in this little head of mine! Even I can't keep up. Didn't sleep well last night.

I missed church on Sunday because of wedding festivities, but I hear some good things are coming our way. This really excites me. My church has been going through changes since the end of last year, and it may finally all be coming together.

Work has really lightened up. I'm not used to it. 3 months + of gogogo and now I've got used to a full center of 180-200 people a night, so when we only have 100 it seems empty. Which is funny because back in the day, we felt full if we had 80 people, let alone 200! I just hope hours stay decent after election day. Ah, the world of market research.

Speaking of work, I've got about an hour to shower up and head out the door so I will be signing off here quickly!


Monday, October 25, 2010

It's not good bye, it's see ya later.

With the wedding festivities coming to an end, that also means it's time for the out of town guests to head home. That brings some sad faces. I have a friend flying home in about 2 hours! I already miss her (LOL!). We had one last lunch today at Sonnys (a favorite of hers that she can't get at home). It was nice because not only did we get to have one last lunch together before her and her boyfriend flew home, we also got to eat with the newlyweds AND a friend that has a birthday tomorrow! Celebrations all around!

On a random note, I have been pleasantly surprised over the last week to walk in to two establishments that I frequent to find them playing The Joy FM (a Christian Radio Station) that I listen to. It's nice to see that businesses aren't afraid of singing praises to our awesome God!

Anyways, I owe, I owe, it's back to work I go! Happy Monday Ya'll! :P


Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

I must say I am pretty impressed with myself for finding time to blog today. Here I am, 30 minutes left in this day, and I am on it! I have been on the run literally since 8am. Last minute errands, decorating for the wedding, getting hair done, doing my makeup, photography, and most importantly keeping the bride calm! I'd say all in all it was a fabulous day. The bridal party was AWESOME and everything came together beautifully. Of course, like any other wedding, there were a few issues here and there that popped up, but that was to be expected. The important part was at the end of the day, my friends were now husband and wife. I'm posting a few pics for your viewing pleasure and then it is off to ZZZ land for me. I am EXHAUSTED!

Location  (funny, if you look closely you can see a wedding going on prior to ours)

Table Set Up. Gorgeous!
one of the bridesmaids taking off a "Leukemia" Wristband. The bride has worn it since 2007 in honor of the BM who was diagnosed then. (She is in remission currently, PRAISE GOD!
Saying their vows
My fiance and I
Female part of Bridal Party
1st dance as Husband and Wife

 Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance
Not only were the 'maids twins, our men ended up that way unintentionally
My Father & I :)

 I snuck a photo with my bestie the bride! <3
Parents of the Bride won the game of "What has been married the longest"

Gotta love the car decor, done by one of the brides brothers.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

I'll love you tomorrow. It's ONLY a day away.

Almost a year ago one of my best friends got engaged. Now tomorrow is the big day. I can't believe how time flies.

It seems like we were just in high school.

or graduating from college

Or being each other's dates to Christmas Parties

Or Traveling the world

Or doing charity work together

Or just goofing off in stores

Or going to theme parks together

Or just hanging out around the many bonfires

AND NOW, she has found this amazing man that completes her in SO many ways. 

Happiness does not describe what I feel for her! I wish you guys nothing but the best for the future. I can't wait to continue doing all the things we did before, only now with you as a MARRIED WOMAN! I love you!

Also, on a random note, can you explain to me how men can stay so calm and cool and collected while the women go crazy with a million things to do or that have to be done on the day before a wedding? I remember some of the men (INCLUDING the groom) worked on the DAY OF one of my friends weddings. Say Wha?!