Monday, October 18, 2010

4 years ago today

I brought home the cutest little bundle of joy :)

Chico Sauve San

This dog has brought me unexplainable joy. I brought him home from the Polk County SPCA on October 18th 2006. He originally came home as a foster baby. They were ready to spay/neuter him and I felt he was just too tiny so I asked if I could keep him a few weeks to get him bigger and ready for the surgery. It was love at 1st site. I knew as I drove off the lot that he was not going back (except to GET neutered) and what do you know? 4 years later he is still here in my lap. :) I would like to write a whole blog about this wonderful pet in my life however I am in quite a rush and don't have time to search for the photo's i'd like to add so instead you get to see a few pics of his birthday events of the day.

Ready for his car ride!
 Looking up @ Mommy with loving eyes :)
 Running back after fetching his new squeaky ball
 Posing with David

and last but not least, a video of play time. He was trying to climb my leg. Sometimes he climbs and jumps over my shoulders. He was already pretty worn out when this video was taken a bit ago as he had played fetch in the sun some. PS - Don't mind the finger, not all people were born to record videos. 

One last note, one of my best friends also brought home a shelter pet the exact same day as Chico, so my doggy and her kitty share a birthday! I can't leave out Mr. Zero.



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  1. 2 lucky pets to find them some furrever home :)