Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ah, sweet silence.

MY CAR IS SILENT! :) FINALLY! 2 repaired front struts + bush bearings + 1 replaced engine mount + 1 replaced transmission mount = NO MORE SQUEAKING OR GRINDING and one happy driver! It definitely cost me much more than originally estimated and I am STILL upset with the 1st place that worked on my struts, but the important part is MY CAR IS FIXED! I really hope I don't jynx it.

Today was a pretty busy day. But, before I go there. A quick update from yesterday. Me & some friends went to ZOA. Zoa is a college led service that is real and relevant. It takes place every Friday night . Zoa is a Greek word that means abundant life. It was this word that Christ used when He said that He came to give life. On Friday nights we come to celebrate that full life, so come join us as we worship our awesome King! Lemme know if you'd like to join us one week. As we were leaving ZOA, we were stopped by a guy on a bicycle that fed us a story about needing infant formula (whether the story was real or not, we will never know). Anyways, since the guy seemed legit and never actually ASKED us for money, we went on an adventure to buy this special type of formula (supposedly the baby is lactose intolerant). We bought the formula, came back, and he never returned to pick up the stuff we bought. We waited around for close to an hour before we left the stuff, with a note. I say we will never know whether or not the story is true because apparently infant formula can be used for more than infants and some people take good things and ruin them by making them bad. Who would of thought infant formula could be turned in to something not so innocent?

Anyways, besides helping the guy, I showed a stray cat(not 100% sure he was stray, could very well be someones pet) some HLC (Heather's loving care) while we waited. This kitten was SUCH a cutie. He was a spazz but definitely not a feral. I took a few photos of him. I wish I could have brought him home with me.

a new friend?! ready to pounce!

Showing off his incredible "street cat" skills!

As for today, very busy. Spent the majority of the day helping one of my best friends prepare for her wedding that is coming up mighty quickly. I actually spent a couple of hours making practice batches of brownies. While I never perfected what I needed to, no body complained on any of the "mistake" batches I made. :P

Then I came home and had A LOT of tree limbs that I needed to burn to clear them from my backyard.
With the help of some manly men, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
THEN, I got to see my car, which Ryan detailed and washed for me. It was MUCH needed and I am soso happy with the end result. I'm sure it will be all of 24 hours before I have it trashed again though. Ack!



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