Thursday, October 28, 2010

power tools, play dates, and laundry

I got to play with power tools today! an electric chainsaw!
also had to split some bigger pieces of wood. It was too hot outside for this job! It got old real quick.

While the wood madness was going on, Chico had a playdate! Of course, 1st he had to sniff him out (though they've had many play dates before), then he had to decide if he wanted to share his toys, and then they just ran around until it was time for Peewee to go home (but Chico got a car ride out of this too!)

Note: The egg baby above (yellow duck that had 3 yellow squeaky eggs stuffed in it) are from Auntie Tina :)

After I gave up on chopping wood in the heat I decided to clean my room (way over due) though I actually never really got past sorting and putting away laundry. First I threw in my mattress protector and sheets in the wash. I was so afraid I'd get my tempurpedic mattress dirty in the short time that I had the cover off it. The price on that beast is no joke! still paying it off. It's well worth it though, I can sleep on my side again without pain. Yay!

 In the process of organizing laundry I realized I have a lot of clothes. I shouldn't complain because I am blessed.

Closet looked empty because half of the stuff was getting reorganized on my bed, of course when it was done, closet was STUFFED again. Ugh! I need to clear out soon.

Now I'm feeling a bit accomplished and heading out to a friends to finish up watching Sex & The City. We started watching the entire box DVD set from season 1 and are now on the LAST season. Eek! What to do when we finish?


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  1. I like the contrast of Power Tools with a Pedicure. :D
    I also like the photo of the doggies running.

    You're doing such a good job taking pictures of everything. :D Pictures make blogging more fun!