Saturday, October 30, 2010

warrior princess, pirate, sailor, 70's stuff

those are some of the choices I had for a Halloween costume this year for mine and my roomies annual Halloween Bonfire. I chose to save some moolah this year and instead of buying a new costume (though there was one I wanted!) I am going with choices of old costumes friends gave me! Nothing better! Which one do ya think I chose?

Not too much to report on today. Semi relaxing Saturday. I walked the lake this morning (I really need to start running) while my fiance ran. He did the lake 2x (6 miles!) oh my! I am so very proud of him. One month ago he had never ran in his life, and now today he pretty much completed two 5K's at once. Go him!

Around the house I watched an Oprah special with my dad and got caught up on one of two episodes of biggest loser with my roomie.

Now we have some finger foods in the oven baking, time to get ready to make some new memories with friends. I love having the time to catch up with them. The weather has turned out wonderful for a fire. Woohoo!


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