Thursday, December 9, 2010

He's a trooper!

I got to go visit with one of my (non biological) nephews today. I say non biological because I have no nieces or nephews by blood, but am dubbed Auntie by many of my friends kids, and i love it. 

This little boy that I went to visit today is very special. You see, at just three and a half years old, he is already an open heart surgery survivor. He was diagnosed shortly after birth with VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). You can learn more about that here. He had to undergo open heart surgery in the fall of 2007, just a few days shy of him turning 5 months old. Of course, as you can imagine with any major surgery, his mommy and daddy were very scared. There were lots of prayers that went up. I drove the couple of hours out to the location of the hospital to make sure I could keep them company in the waiting room and do my best to help keep their minds off things while we waited. Three hours later, we were informed that everything was a sucess. Praise God that this sweet baby boy is still with us, growing like a weed every day and capturing the hearts of all who know him. <3

I went out to visit with him and his momma (whom I have a very special friendship with as we met many years ago online). Of course, with it being so close to Christmas, I went ahead and took his Christmas presents to give to him. I went a long with the theme his parents are doing for him this year. Instead of lots of toys for Christmas "Santa" is redoing his room in a Toy Story theme. SO cute and useful! I bought him some PJ's that came with one Buzz and one Woody pajama set. HE LOVED THEM! Here's a few pictures from today's visit :)

I'm so very thankful for the good ol' world wide web, and that by chance his momma and I met in a chat room, became pen pals, stayed in touch, and one day she moved to Sunny ol' Florida, and we began our forever friendship, in person as well. And now, years later, I get to share in the joy of her new family. I love them :)


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  1. Heather, we love you so much!! We are so very grateful to you for being with us in our time of need during his surgery and for continuing to be Auntie Heather to our little Woody/Buzz. :) lol!
    You are amazing, and so is your soon-to-be-husband who i totally adore!! Auntie Heather and Uncle Ryan were definitely mentioned tonight, and Aidan adores you both as well.
    So everyone knows what an amazing friend Heather is, not only did she drive two hours (at like four o'clock in the morning after only a couple of hours of sleep cause she worked the night shift back then), but she held my hand and sat right beside me through it all. And her and another dear friend she brought into my life, Sara, got Matt and I a hotel room so we could be close by but have a night to ourselves to decompress and bond together about making it through. These two women are the most wonderful, thoughtful people I have ever personally met, and I cannot express how much we love and appreciate you.
    :) <3