Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Day.

I woke up today thinking I had my day pretty well mapped out. That all changed.

My original plans were to meet up with my wedding coordinator at the venue to go over some things, work out, and head to work.

God had different plans for me today. Plans that involved rescuing a puppy in the parking lot of my local Target. Funny since I JUST blogged yesterday about my passion for animals.

Anyways, woke up, found out my coordinator needed to reschedule for another afternoon as she was not having a good morning. She is expecting a bundle of joy later this year, and morning sickness has NOT been her friend. Bless her heart. Praying she starts to feel like herself again soon. Having never been pregnant, I can't imagine what she is going through. A random with that is that both her and her sister-in-law (another friend of mine) are expecting within a week of each other. How cool. Her sister-in-law found out the sex today. And I can officially start shopping PINK. Exxxxxciting! :)

With my plans of going to the venue knocked out I decided to do other useful wedding things with my morning so me and my maid of honor decided to drive out to SOHO aka Southern Hospitality to look for some items we needed for the wedding. The trip was a huge success as we actually found what we were looking for. I had bought the store out last week and they don't have a vendor that supplies what I was buying, SO we didn't think there would be more deliveries. But we were wrong. And I stocked up again today. YAY!

While we were there we decided to buy some donuts at this ah-mazing place in the same plaza, Hole in one Donuts. The store is in a different city so we have to take advantage while we are there (at least that's what we tell ourselves). But then I think we took TOO much advantage. We also went to a Mexican Buffet (that wasn't all that great) but regardless, we truly indulged.

Thankfully I had a gym date when I got home, so I was able to work off some of that madness at the gym. And a friend of mine joined my gym today so that was pretty cool.

But the biggest kink in my entire day came right before the gym. I found a stray puppy in the parking lot at Target. I have the puppy at my house now as I am trying hard to find the owner. I have reason to believe that the puppy does indeed have an owner, and I am hopeful that I am correct. I called Target and Petco which are in the same lot I grabbed the puppy from, and left my info in case the owners come looking for their dog. I will keep the puppy for a few days while I search, but if I can't find the owners, I will try to find a new owner, and if all else fails, I will sadly have to take this precious baby to my local SPCA. I am hoping it doesn't come to that. I took some adorable pictures that I will post later as I am asking for a detailed description (gender/coloring/markings/collar/no collar) and I wouldn't want to post all that info up here readily available to the public.

After all that I asked my boss if I could have tonight off to go serve with my church at the Florida Baptist Children's Home. We go each month and fellowship with the children in different cottages there. It's such a blessing. I am touched each time by different stories. Tonight was no different. Tears in my eyes. Let's just say I will be praying extra hard for a 14 year old female there that has been through more than I could ever imagine. Though she doesn't know it yet, I know God has good things ahead for her.

Have a great one blog world <3


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  1. GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!! He will deliver that young lady for sure.... I will add her to my prayer list as well. Wow you have had a day haven't you. But you are always thinking of others.And always trying to pay it forward while still getting your own stuff done but a lot of times, your stuff gets put on the back burner cause you just don't know how to be selfish every now and then. :) But that is one of your best qualities. If I don't say it enough, Heather Bell to Be... you are truly an inspirational example!! God Bless You!!