Friday, May 27, 2011

Some scary things...

Some scary things have been going on around my town lately. We've had quite a few home invasions. 7 to be exact since May 7th. See, my city has just under 95,000 residents, well, that was as of 2008. I'm sure it's closer to 100,000 now. BUT, we have a north and a south side, and they are totally opposite ends of the city, literally. It's almost like driving into a whole different city. Well, these home invasions have been on my side of town. Another one actually happened just last night/early morning today. It was walking distance from my house, within a mile. I am pretty freaked out. I am already a natural worry wart, and this is not aiding in that AT ALL. Since I found out on Monday, I have had pretty sleepless nights. I am thankful there are quite a few people that live in my household, and that someone is always home, but I still fear, naturally. This guy is quite brazen, invading homes in the middle of the night, and holding people to gunpoint, often demanding they take him to their ATM. Here's a blurb from some of the flyers that went around to warn local residents:

     Tuesday, May 10th, 4:00 a.m. – The female victim got up to use the restroom and was confronted by an unknown black male suspect standing outside her bedroom door. He pointed a handgun at her and demanded she and her husband stay in the bedroom. He then rummaged through her purse, their closet, and the bathroom, looking for money, credit cards, and prescription drugs. He then fled the scene.

       Wednesday, May 11th, 3:30 a.m. – The female victim was awakened by an unknown black male suspect pointing a handgun at her, demanding she wake up and drive him to the bank to withdraw money from her account. The suspect disconnected the electricity and phone before breaking into the home. After taking her cash, the suspect fled the scene.

Does that NOT scare the crap out of you?! I've had nightmares about being robbed ever since I was a young girl. You can say it's one of my greatest fears. So yeah, I am pretty spooked.

While it doesn't make me feel 100% safe, I did get a home security system installed. That gives me a little peace of mind. Though I won't be completely satisfied until I see that they have apprehended this guy. Please be in prayer about this situation.

Anyways, on a less stressful note, HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! The hubs and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today and got to spend some wedding gift cards. That was pretty fun! We got a Biggest Loser Brita Filter & Water Dispenser, some glass storage/cook ware, organization stuff, a sleep mask, and a new beard trimmer (that one's definitely for the hubs). It was wonderful to be able to buy some things that we didn't truly NEED, but wanted, and were able to splurge on, thanks to wonderful gifts from friends. So, if any of them are reading this, THANK YOU!

Oh yeah, my friend over at DaisyPetals created a wedding video that she just finished and posted for me last night, so that will be coming soon. I am so excited. I love it. I hope you guys will enjoy it as well, it's the perfect keepsake from our wedding day. YAY!

I hope you are all geared up to have a wonderful (long) holiday weekend.  We don't have any major holiday plans beyond just relaxing locally. And that sounds just perfect to me!


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