Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going through changes....

Hi Friends!

If you haven't noticed my blog has been going through changes these last few weeks. I've added quite a few tabs at the top. I figured I'd take a few moments today to explain some of my tabs. :)

ABOUT: Want to know about the author, aka ME? Go to the about section to learn a little more about yours truly.

Newlyweds: Read the story of me and my husband, from our budding friendship, to our perfect wedding day :)

Kidney for Kristy: I started a campaign to help my cousin, Kristy, raise the $5,000 she has to have by October in order to even QUALIFY to go on an organ transplant list. She is currently in end stage renal failure and needs a new kidney ASAP. If you could spread awareness about this page as well, that would be wonderful. Prayers would be appreciated as well.

4Paws4Love: Another group started by me(and some of my best friends). 4Paws4Love has raised over $10,000 for our local SPCA. Click on the link to read more about what we do.

Shop my Closet: The name says it all. As I clean out my closet, I often find things that are rarely or never worn, and I figured I'd list them here before donating.

365: I am participating in the 365 project in which you upload a photo a day. It's kind of like a journal of photography. Document your daily life via photo's. It's pretty fun, though I can admit I've missed a few days. Oops!

There will be many more changes coming as I continue to focus on growing and expanding my blog. Starting Friday, I will have a new feature that I am actually taking over for Laura from Between the Lines. You can click HERE to read a sample posting of one of her actual Fabulous Friday posts. I am very excited to be taking this over for her.

The entire month of June I am a featured sponsor on Mandy, from She Breathes Deeply's blog. This is so exciting for me as Mandy is one of my all time favorite bloggers. She is a brand new mommy and seeing pictures of her and her sweet little family just bring a smile to my face. Be sure to stop by her blog and say hi :)

I can't wait to continue expanding my blog, and hope that you all will enjoy the changes as they come.


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