Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Blog is Moving & more wedding pics

Okay Friends, This Little Light of Mine is such a popular blog name, that I wanted a name a bit more me, a bit more unique. SO, along comes Brown Eyed Bell(e).

The name is special, because it's a play on words. Read around the new blog, and you will discover why.

Anyways, I snagged the url and I hope you will follow me over there.

I tried to just change over my old blog URL to the new one, but it wasn't working right, so I created a brand new blog with the new URL, and imported all my old posts, so everything is still there. :) Phew!

I am really really excited about the new name. Of course, I couldn't get rid of this little light of mine completely(as you will see on my new header), as that just reflects me so well. I just want my light to shiiiiine so so bright.

But yeah, check it out! And if you are a current follower, please follow me over at Brown Eyed Bell(e) as I will no longer be posting here.

I posted my first "official" post on BEB today, and it's more pictures from the wedding! Be sure to check it out!


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