Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5lbs. Say Wha?!

Sorry blogging world, you won't be getting much from me today. I am in a blah kinda mood (which I was in well before I found out at the gym that I had gained 5lbs over the last month or so). So many things going on in this little head of mine! Even I can't keep up. Didn't sleep well last night.

I missed church on Sunday because of wedding festivities, but I hear some good things are coming our way. This really excites me. My church has been going through changes since the end of last year, and it may finally all be coming together.

Work has really lightened up. I'm not used to it. 3 months + of gogogo and now I've got used to a full center of 180-200 people a night, so when we only have 100 it seems empty. Which is funny because back in the day, we felt full if we had 80 people, let alone 200! I just hope hours stay decent after election day. Ah, the world of market research.

Speaking of work, I've got about an hour to shower up and head out the door so I will be signing off here quickly!


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