Friday, October 8, 2010

As The World Turns

Within the last year the two soap opera's I DVR'd regularly have come to an end. Soap Opera's were something I shared with my mom. We watched CBS soaps. She enjoyed The Young & The Restless, & As The World Turns, while I preferred Guiding Light & As The World Turns. I was so addicted to them in middle school that my mom would actually VHS record them daily for me as we definitely didn't have DVR capabilities back then. After my mother passed, I still continued on with my soap opera routine though technology advanced and I no longer had to record them on the VCR. I admit that I have no had time to watch them regularly like before, BUT I would attempt to watch at least one episode a week to keep up with current story lines, though as they say in the soap world "You can go a year without watching and pick up right back where you left off".

I must say I was much happier with the way that Guiding Light ended last year than I was with ATWT's finale this year. ATWT had its finale on September 17th however I just got around to watching it tonight. I just didn't think it was nearly as well planned out as GL's was. I wish they would have maybe flash forwarded a year and shown the future. Regardless, it was still a nice ending and I was thrilled with couples that ended together. My mom's favorite character was Maura West, aka Carly Tenney. Seeing Carly end up with her long time love and ex husband that became her husband again, Jack was very exciting. That couple was meant for each other! I was also so happy to see a happy ending for Terri Colombino aka Katie. All in all, it was happy endings. I guess when shows have grand finales they want it to end on a happy note!

On a side note, yet still soap opera related: Since charity work is a passion of mine, when Guiding Light did a year long special on volunteering with the HandsOn Network, I volunteered at the event that they held in Miami. It was the end of 2007 and that was my first trip to Miami. Here's a few pictures from the event.

The 3 cast members from the Miami event. (Yvonne, Kurt, & Robert aka Mel, Matt, & Mallet)

 Yvonne painting a mural on an Elementary School Wall.
 Robert & I outside where we were planting Butterfly Gardens for the kids

I must bid adieu to the world of Soap Opera's since my favorites have ended. Hopefully I won't get hooked on any new ones.


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