Sunday, October 10, 2010

Black Tie Affair: The mourning of a lost "single" sister

Let me elaborate, I am not actually "mourning" the loss of a "single" girlfriend (one of my best friends to be more specific) to marriage. I am actually beyond happy for her. I truly believe her and her fiance make an awesome pair. I just thought the title was a little catchy! I dubbed it that as last night as we went out for her Bachelorette party, quite a few people stated the obvious "they are all wearing black". I'm still not quite sure what caused the comments/confusion. Are the people of City Walk not used to seeing a group of 8 beautiful ladies dressed to the nines? Either way, last night was a fun night with some of my favorite ladies. We had a really great time with no drama (one of the reasons I love my girlfriends, we are for the most part drama free). We had a yummy dinner in Margaritaville followed by a fun night of dancing. Here's a few pics for your enjoyment.

Our Bachelorette :)

Our Bride & her Bridal Party (minus one out of state member)
 We stuffed the SUV!
 The gang, catching a wave

All in all it was a good weekend. One full of ups and downs (non related to the Bachelorette Party) and one that has left me in a thoughtful mood. Pondering many decisions I need to make. Prayers for peace and guidance would be appreciated.


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