Friday, October 22, 2010

Is it really Friday?

Quick Post! Busy Weekend Ahead.

As I said previously, one of my best friends is getting married this weekend so lots of last minute details.

Yesterday was the rehearsal which went great. One of our closest friends is part of the bridal party, and she flew in from out of state and made it in time for rehearsal so it was such a blessing seeing her. :)

Today I got a pedicure (first one in a LONG time). so my toes are looking nice and pretty for the wedding.

Spent the majority of the day either baking for the wedding or running last minute errands.

On a non wedding related note, my fiance ran 3 miles straight for the first time ever today. He has been on cloud nine all day and I am just as excited for him. Next up, time to train me! I want to become a runner as well. Slowly but surely, I got this. Bad bad, asthma and all, I will find a way.


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