Thursday, October 21, 2010

a REAL eye opener

I went to a seminar for women at a local church last night. The title of the seminar was "What men wish their wives knew about their sexual struggles". I was shocked to see how many people this (pornography, masturbation, lust) truly does effect.  I'm going to post some statistics and facts that I learned last night:

- Why is pornography SO powerfully attractive to a man?
- Obviously men are designed to be stimulated visually. A man's eyes are bombarded with visual images that are designed to affect his thoughts. Now if you add in a (1) past painful hurt such as abuse or abandonment (2) Lack of spiritual discipline (3) Unusual stress (4) Past exposure to pornography even as a child (5) lack of intimacy in his relationship. There is a greater vulnerability to pornography, sexual struggles and strong holds. When you add the internet to the mix, a perfect storm of temptation develops.

* Everywhere a man goes, billboards, magazines at the check out line, ads in the Sunday paper, women who dress provocatively, television programs and commercials, and the internet, he is confronted with the opportunity to think about sex.

4 A's of Pornography:
Pornography is accessible as never before because of the internet. It is available all the time.
Pornography is anonymous no one ever has to know.
Pornography is affordable.
Pornography is addictive. The nature if porn is addictive having much the same enslaving effect as crack cocaine. It hijacks a mans brain. It takes away his reasoning abilities and his moral convictions and temporarily blinds him to the consequences.

Christians & Sexual Brokenness
* 47% of Christians say that pornography is a problem in the home.
* 50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to pornography.
* Women are more likely than men to act our their behaviors in real life. More than 80% of women who have this addiction have taken it off line.
* 61% of all married Christian men masturbate regularly.
* 51% of Pastors say cyberporn is a possible temptation. 37% say it's a current struggle.
* 30-40% of Pastors visit pornographic websites each year.
* Leadership magazine found that 1/3 of the Pastors surveyed clicked on an adult website but 75% of the Pastors still hadn't made themselves accountable to anyone on their internet use.

A quote from the book Every Heart Restored "Now that I know how men are wired sexually, my husband's courageous fight to control and restrict his natural sexual tendencies for my sake has become the most priceless gift he'll ever give me. Since men are built by nature to look, it takes a loving, daily commitment to keep that part of his nature  pure."

Next Wednesday October 27th this church is having a Porn Free Commitment. They are asking all men 10 years of age (as 10 is the average age a boy is exposed to porn *crazy, right?!*) and older to come out. They are hoping to do a national movement of 1 Million Men inside the churches in American to make the porn free commitment.

I'm glad I happened to be off work last night. The class was a real eye opener for me. Some times women are so naive to the way a mans brain thinks. It is insane that we are wired so completely differently but I guess that's why they say opposites attract, eh?


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