Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

I must say I am pretty impressed with myself for finding time to blog today. Here I am, 30 minutes left in this day, and I am on it! I have been on the run literally since 8am. Last minute errands, decorating for the wedding, getting hair done, doing my makeup, photography, and most importantly keeping the bride calm! I'd say all in all it was a fabulous day. The bridal party was AWESOME and everything came together beautifully. Of course, like any other wedding, there were a few issues here and there that popped up, but that was to be expected. The important part was at the end of the day, my friends were now husband and wife. I'm posting a few pics for your viewing pleasure and then it is off to ZZZ land for me. I am EXHAUSTED!

Location  (funny, if you look closely you can see a wedding going on prior to ours)

Table Set Up. Gorgeous!
one of the bridesmaids taking off a "Leukemia" Wristband. The bride has worn it since 2007 in honor of the BM who was diagnosed then. (She is in remission currently, PRAISE GOD!
Saying their vows
My fiance and I
Female part of Bridal Party
1st dance as Husband and Wife

 Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance
Not only were the 'maids twins, our men ended up that way unintentionally
My Father & I :)

 I snuck a photo with my bestie the bride! <3
Parents of the Bride won the game of "What has been married the longest"

Gotta love the car decor, done by one of the brides brothers.


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  1. HAHAH Ty? I LOVE THIS BLOG! I'm so impressed that you had time! To your credit you did have an awesome topic today! Great photos, what a good job you did documenting things. <3