Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my day in a nutshell

* woke up after only 5.5 hours of sleep (i much prefer 8)

* cleaned house all morning (quite behind on household duties due to crazy hours at work during election season)

* took a card out to the cemetery for my mom. (it's an old card I think I had for either Mother's Day or her Birthday that I wrote in and then kept forgetting to take). The cemetery is getting overgrown with weedy stuff. I really need to clean it up out there. <3

* prayed during my car ride home for a friend of mines mother, Gladys. She is having surgery today (as I type this actually) to remove a tumor that has spread to her brain (it started off as breast cancer). Please lift her up. God is able. He is healer of all.

* worked from home for almost 3 hours (even on my days off I can't seem to escape it)

* took my fiance an allergy pill, boiled peanuts and a cherry coke by his work (he asked for the medicine, i surprised him with the coke and peanuts because I am just that nice!)

* while I was double fisting it out of the Pix station a smile was brought to my face as a young boy (maybe 8-10) ran back to actually open the door for me since my hands were full! I love seeing kids raised with manners.

* actually ran by work just to drop off the schedule (one of the things I was working on from home)

* did a Jillian Michaels workout from home

* played with Chico in the backyard for a little bit (also enjoyed watching him run the fence playing with the neighbors dog)

* now it's time to get ready for a seminar for women at church tonight. Before that I need to find something to munch on for dinner, and put away laundry!


Things to look forward to this week:
- One of my best friends wedding.
- One of my best friends flying in from VA for said wedding. :)
- Days off from work for said wedding :)
 - Getting a pedicure for said wedding :)
- Yummy food at the rehearsal dinner for said wedding :)
 - Lots of quality time with friends that I love. Doesn't get any better than that!

 (Said wedding is giving me a lot to look forward to)

Oh, Oh! I almost forgot. I didn't do this today BUT voting started on Monday for a contest I entered. It's to win a 4 night stay at a nice hotel on the beach through 93.3 FLZ. It's a cute critter contest so you are voting on pictures of pets in costumes. There are ONLY 36 entries so my odds of winning are much higher than most contests so I'd GREATLY appreciate your vote! CLICK HERE to vote for the picture of my dogs! See below for the pic you will be voting on! A 10 is the highest you can vote! Vote daily until Oct 31st. Thanks so so much!


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