Monday, October 4, 2010

Well, hello blog world. :)

I've blogged a bit here and there before, but decided I would start a new blog and join some friends with (hopefully) writing a daily blog.

I don't think my life is all THAT interesting, BUT it is MY life and I LOVE it. I am so blessed to live the life I do, and I thank God for it daily. :)

I hope to use this blog to track my upcoming wedding that is planned tentatively for next Spring (more on that in another posting as I have an interesting proposal story)

If you know me, you know much of my world revolves around my family, my friends, and my pets. I have no biological kids, but to me my pets ARE my kids. They are spoiled rotten. I say "they" however, though, I live in a house with three cats and three dogs, only one dog is actually MINE. His name is Chico and he is a shelter baby. I rescued him from my local SPCA (check your local shelters the next time you are looking to expand your fur family!)

While it makes me happy that much of my time is devoted to my family, friends and activities I love and truly enjoy, we all have that "other" part of our lives, the dreaded four letter word... W-O-R-K. Now I say dreaded, but I know plenty of people are lucky enough to work in a field they absolutely adore and actually look FORWARD to going in to work. What a blessing that is. I have worked at a call center since 2002. We do political research and our trend tends to be busy every other year (primaries and elections). During that time we BOOM with hours. I pretty much worked a 70 hour work week last week. For a lot of people it's all about "making that money" but for me I'd much prefer to live comfortably and with less stress so while I know I will enjoy that check when I receive it, I was SO busy this week that I didn't get to get every day natural things done around the house (IE grocery shopping, laundry, working out, etc etc). I know things are busy right now, but I also know the trend, and after elections in November, we will slow back down to normal hours, and get even slower during the holidays. While I can't say I "love" my job because it IS beyond stressful, I do enjoy the fact that I have seniority and flexibility so it is easy to get the days off I need. Plus I usually have atleast 3 days off a week and that makes it easy to take mini vacations. I do have bigger dreams that are currently in the making though (more on that in future blogs as well). Of course, it involves animals.

I am very much involved in charity work and devote a lot of time to the American Cancer Society and the Polk County SPCA. I also have done the Light the Night walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma. That event is actually coming up next month here in town!

That's basically me in a nutshell right now. I'm busy with family, friends, pets, work and charity :)

Now let's see how long I can keep this blogging thing up! Fingers are crossed.


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