Tuesday, October 5, 2010

As the wind blows

It's October and the weather is FABULOUS right now. Instead of 100 degrees a day that we saw in July & August, it's now actually in the 60s (EEK!) at night. I LOVE IT! I don't know what it is about this time of year but for some reason every year as the weather changes, I start to miss my Momma more (she passed in 2001). It's like as the weather cools off, I get an empty feeling inside. Don't know what it is or why, but thankfully I have a great support system and I shake it off sooner or later. I don't say down for long, life is too precious for that.

For the 1st time in MONTHS I was able to take my doggie out for a walk around the lake. We chose to go to a lake with lots of ducks, had some extra bread to spare. Besides Chico stepping on a sandspur and us seeing an injured duck (that broke my heart) the walk was AMAZING! The fresh air with the sun beaming down felt SO GOOD. Can't wait to resume regular walks with my little man!

Here's a few pics from this morning.

The 1st was just walking around. The 2nd was in the car about to head home. That's his happy face. He likes to smile! :)

On an unrelated note when I saw my allergist yesterday I also received a flu shot and pneumonia shot. The flu shot is of course yearly for those that choose to get it, and the pneumonia one is every 5 years. I used to get the flu shot a lot as a young child because I was high risk for illness with my severe asthma but I haven't been getting them much as of late. I've NEVER (to my knowledge) got an pneumonia shot. Hopefully they both work and I will ward of the flu and sinus infections this next year. The Doc told me the bacteria that causes sinus infection is very similar to the bacteria that causes pneumonia so when you get the shot, it helps fight away sinus infections. Here's to hoping! I was sick for literally 4 weeks in July and I do NOT want a repeat. I must say the shots are quite painful. Not the shot itself, but the day after. I can barely move my arm. OUCH!

And with that being said, I'm off to the rest of my day.


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  1. YAY for morning walks! Here's hoping I can join you guys now and then.