Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Dine In's I frequent.

I will be the 1st to admit that my fiance and I eat out way more than we should! While I try to cook as much as I can, somehow we end up going out to eat a few times a week on our days off together. If he wants to take me out, who am I to complain? I figured I'd blog about some of our very favorite places to eat. In no particular order:

#1 - BD's Mongolian Grill - Ah, BD's. One of our favorite date places when we do dinner and a movie (they are right next to each other!). Create your own stir-fry and watch it get made right in front of you, as the chefs do some pretty awesome tricks. It's always fun to try to create new concoctions with their different sauces. Of course, if you make one you absolutely love, you won't remember what you did next time!

#2 - ABC Pizza - My fiance introduced me to this awesome place. He took me their because it has fond childhood memories for him. We actually drive to another city to go to a certain location, the one with his childhood memories. :) They have some pretty amazing pizzas there, and their eggplant grinder is not so bad either!

#3 - Sonny's - Good ol' Southern BBQ! 'Nuf said. Seriously, their sweet sauce is so delicious. I must admit that when I go, I don't usually get BBQ. Shocker! My order consists of the salad bar + corn nuggets + corn bread with cinnamon butter. And of course, I eat the BBQ from the fiance's plate.

#4 - Chili's - Pretty common date place. We go here more often for lunch than dinner. Always queso and soup and salad!

#5 - Jimmy John's - This is a new found addiction. A coworker took my fiance here for lunch one day, and he enjoyed it so much, he took me the next day. The sandwiches are SO FRESH! and they use Hellmann's mayo which is the best! My favorite sandwich so far is the the gargantuan. Definitely not a healthy choice, but so so good.

#6 - Red Elephant - It doesn't get any better than a place that has elephant ears and boiled peanuts on their menu. When we go we tend to get boiled peanuts as an appi, split a pizza, and an elephant ear to go. Yum Yum!

#7 - Golden Corral - All you can eat buffet. What else is there to say? I actually adore their salad bar. I think it's the best. It has everything I could ever want on a salad, and more! Also love their chocolate lava cake.

# 8 - Cracker Barrel - Our favorite breakfast location. They have comfy rocking chairs outside, an cool shop with vintage candy and other items inside, along with great food.

#9 - Crispers - Another place that we tend to get "the usual" at. After we started dating, I convinced him we could save money if he'd give the "pick a pair" a chance. Before, he's always get a whole sandwich and salad or soup, then I showed him how feeling the "pick a pair" could be. That is when you get a half sandwich and half salad or soup. I lovelove all their soups but my favorite is the kickin' crab chowder that I coworker of mine turned me on to. It helps clear up my allergies on a bad day! (though when I went to an allergist last year they told me I was allergic to seafood among many other things; i've never had any issues, and they said the food tests aren't always accurate. hmmm.)

#10 - Sonic - We actually drive to different cities just to get a sonic limeade. His flavor of choice is pineapple green apple limeade, which almost every time we order it at a new location, they tell us "such a weird combination. I don't think I've ever made that one before". I must say the tator tots are pretty darn good here as well.

 And there ya have it, 10 of the places we frequent when we dine out. Now that I've posted this I've got the midnight munchies. Enjoy!


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