Saturday, December 11, 2010

FBCH Christmas Party #2

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my 2nd annual Christmas party for the children at the Florida Baptist Children's home.

You see, the FBCH is a ministry that me and some of my friends are very involved with. A group of us go out to the FBCH once a month to hang out, socialize and just talk to these wonderful children and teenagers (school age 5-18). Every December we like to throw them a Christmas party in which we cook (instead of bringing our usual pizza). This years was so awesome. Last year we didn't ask for help from anyone, the girls of the group just cooked our little hearts out, and we ran out of food after we served everyone (so we didn't eat) but Thank God we were able to serve everyone but ourselves. This year, we asked for help, and boy did we get it. Through collections at the church, a yard sale, and a nice donation from Target, we were able to raise just over one thousand dollars which meant we could buy each child there a $20 gift card to Target (instead of the $5 ones we bought last year). HOW AMAZING! :) We also had about $100 left over and that allowed us to make each set of house parents a care package for their cottage. Here's a few pictures from yesterday. We had a lot of fun!

3 sets of 15 Gift Cards Each. 45 total kids :)

Baskets for each cottage

Serving the kiddies :)

A special cake we had made

Our set up. Lotsa food! Yay!

Goodie bags for kids that we put the GC's in

One of our Sr. High girls. She shared her touching testimony.

It truly is a blessing in my life when I am able to go see these kids. Because of my schedule, I don't get to go as often as some of my friends do, but when I do go, I am always amazed. Most of these kids have been through so much, much more than I could even imagine, yet they are still so strong and hopeful. Truly an inspiration. I think we learn from them, as much as they learn from us. All we can do is strive to be the best role models, the role models these children so much deserve.


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