Monday, December 20, 2010

Recap of my week(end)

Sorry blog friends! I've been MIA for yet another week. Man, I guess I did so much better when I had the 30 days of truth going on in November.

Last week was quite busy! I'll leave ya with a recap (mostly via pictures).

* Wednesday - worked

* Thursday - errands, premarital counseling, Christmas shopping for a lady and child I adopted via my church and then one of my friends hosted her 2nd Annual Girls Night Christmas Party, Candyland theme.
Santa Hat Contest
Myself with the two hostesses
2nd Annual Girls Night Christmas Party

* Friday - Company Christmas luncheon & then Birthday dinner for my fiance and his brother who celebrate their birthdays one week apart.
a few coworkers inside BD's. Yum!
Then we posed outside by the big tree :)
Birthday dinner with the fiances family
I got him the "Bathroom LOL book" Can't go wrong there!
Got him a new wallet and matching reversible belt. <3
Saturday - Gloomy rainy (reminded me of what I imagine Seattle to be like) day. Woke up feeling kinda poopy. Itchy throat. Never a good sign. Amped up the Vita-C dosage. Worked on save the dates with my fiance and then got ready for a night out on the town with one of my best friends. I was her date to her company Christmas party. We had an AMAZING 5 course meal at Grille One Sixteen. Their warm peanut butter smore dessert was beyond delish. I can't even describe it in words. LOL.
They rearranged this area so we could all fit, but this is where we sat, under those lights.
Sunday - Another rainy cloudy and slightly chilly day. Throat was still bothering me but I had big plans for today. :) A football game with my man and then AEDP (Annual Elf Dinner Party) with some of my friends.
Bucs VS Lions 12-19-10
Half of the circle of us playing Apples to Apples
Us girls out by the fire, after the movie :)
Monday - retarded moment today. I am still on a hunt to find a good friend of mines long lost father, who left about two decades ago. A worker at my local post office referred me to a genealogist who helped her find missing family members, and he has been aiding in my search. Long story short, I mailed a Christmas card to the last known address that was found for my friends father. I didn't want my friend to know I was still searching, until hopefully one day, I could produce a meeting. WELLLLL, today, I had to go to the post office to ship some stuff and my friend was with me. I'm thinking "crap, I hope the lady doesn't ask me how the search is going" so I try to get rid of my friend nonchalantly. Last resort I figure I can send him to go check my PO Box as I NEVER receive anything there and I had JUST checked in Saturday, what were the odds that I'd hear something back from the letter I mailed his father? Yeah, you got it. Pretty good. He leaves to check my box, I tell the lady worker that the friend that's with me is the one I'm trying to find the dad for. We have an agreement not to speak of the search, and then friend comes back with a "return to sender" Christmas card addressed to his father. EPIC FAIL. So he knows I am still searching now. And I am kinda sad that the letter bounced back, but hey, I will keep my search up. In other news, I did my annual decorating of a mini tree and taking a present out to my momma's burial spot. <3

* side note during all of the busy-ness that was this last week, my cat Ashes is still being medicated twice daily and wobbling to the left slightly but does appear to be getting better.


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