Tuesday, December 14, 2010

to the point tuesday

here is my day, bullet style

  • woke up, played nurse to my kitty, Ashes, who is still recovering from an inner ear infection. This involves taking the towels and blankets out of his crate, and throwing them in the dryer to warm them up for him; letting him attempt to walk (he's still VERY wobbly and falling to the left) to the litter box, put some of his dry food in water, so that when he eats he is also drinking as well, and giving him his medicines which this morning consisted of a liquid antibiotic that I squirt down his throat, and a liquid steroid as well.
  • bundled up (it was 26 degrees out! am I really in central Fla?) and ventured out to take Ashes to his one week check up, at my regular vet, NOT the emergency vet. Was told he appears to be recovering good, however, as I had noticed, he is sneezy and discharge from nose, he is catching the "kitty cold" which spreads like wildfire among cats SO now I have two additional medicines to give him, as well as ensure he is isolated from my two other cats.
  • ran by and checked my post office box, as usual, no mail there. I mailed a letter out to whom I believe (after my search team found) may be a friend of mines long lost father. I am reallyreally hoping he writes me back.
  • ran by JCP to pick up some towels that I purchased online about 2 weeks back. Got an amazing deal on them. It's a 6pc Chateau towel set that I would post a link to, BUT the sale was so amazing, they are beyond sold out, and it's no longer listed on the JCP website. Basically the set is regularly $50 but was on sale for $12.99 AND the coupon code givejoy that day took $10 off your order SO in the end you paid $3.20 for a $50 towel set. The website was so lagged that day that all I kept getting was ERRORS when I tried to order. None of mine technically went through, BUT I ended up getting charged for it, so somehow it DID go through and I picked up my (red) towel set today! Not the color I was hoping for, but hey, amazing sale, I can't complain!
  • Ran by the Dollar Tree to grab some cheapy picture frames for a project I am working on for Christmas presents.
  • Came home, did a 20 minute cardio workout via my television while I boiled some chicken for a casserole recipe I tried for the 1st time today.
  • Headed in to work, got a few hours in
  • Got to catch up via phone with an out of state friend of mine <3
  • Am home now, but still have a few hours worth of work that I need to do from home.
  • Ended the day the same as it started, played nurse to kitty. See above. Only now add two additional medicines.

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