Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding Venue, Deceiving Desserts and an Impropmtu Christmas Party

Well Hello Blog World! I've missed you over the last few days, but I must say they have been extremely busy for me (hence the no blog updates!)

On Thursday, and Friday my fiance and I worked on narrowing down a venue for our spring wedding. We actually have been debating this for months now, and as it ends up, deciding on a place that we fell in love with quite some time back. I'll try to do the short version. Months ago we fell in love with a historical scottish house on a lakeside preserve. We decided against it as we felt it was going to cost us too much with tent rentals (since the reception would be outdoors). Well, in the end we had narrowed down our venues to two choices, a local church, or one of his family members Blueberry farm. We had envisioned doing the reception inside the barn at the Blueberry farm since it has been used for events in the past, however our wedding is right in the middle of blueberry season. So no barn. This would have meant we needed to rent a tent for that location as well. Though the site would have been free, we were still planning to pay his family for letting us use their farm. When I crunched #'s I realized we were talking a difference of a few hundred bucks for the Blueberry Farm, compared to the other historical venue that we both fell in love with months ago. So, long story short, we have settled on one of our 1st choices. We went and paid the deposit on Friday, and we are good to go. Here's a few pictures for your enjoyment. We are oh so excited!
House on the Blueberry Farm
Driveway leading up
Barn we wanted to do reception in
Blueberry farm, woulda been full bloom in Spring
Puppy doggy :) <3
He wanted to go home with us :)
Our official venue. 1915
More recent, 2009
Arch that can be used for ceremonies
Lakefront with Gazebo
On Friday I met up with a friend that made me a "diaper cake" for a baby shower. This friend has started her own business, Deceiving Desserts. She specializes in towel cakes, diaper cakes, and gift baskets. Don't let the sweet treats fool you! The picture below is the diaper cake she made for the baby shower for me. Check out her site for some of her other work.

After running around from 8am to 7pm, ALLLLL day Friday, nothing looked better to me than a relaxing night at home, in my PJ's. Afterall, I wanted to be refreshed for my fiances companies Christmas party the next day. Imagine my surprise when my fiance called me about 7:45pm and said he had some "exciting news". The Christmas party was TONIGHT, and happening right then. SAY WHAT?! Yeah. Not good. We both thought it was Saturday night @ 7pm like years past, not Friday at 7pm. Needless to say panic ensued. We had already missed the wonderful steak dinner, and the company photo's; should we bother going at all? My dress was due to be ready SATURDAY ( I was having a long black bridesmaid dress shortened ). I actually cried and laughed at the same time. I was really disappointed when I thought we were going to miss it because most girls love the excuse to play "dress up". I was sad because I didn't want to miss this, yet laughing because leave it to a guy to get the date COMPLETELY wrong. We decided we would go anyways, after all the party only happens ONCE a year. I literally got ready within 20 minutes and we were on the road. We ended up having a good time, and I am glad we went. Now I will just have to wear my shortened bridesmaid dress to another party I have coming up.

I had to throw something together in 15 minutes.

Until next time,

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