Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You, Jesus!

I am on day five of Project 31. Today I am supposed to write a blog thanking someone who has made my heart come alive. I could easily blog to any of my wonderful friends, family, or fiance who have all in a way, made my heart come alive, however, I am going to actually thank my Savior, Jesus Christ today. Truly my heart came alive in 2008 when I started attending church, and became saved. Before that, I was unhappy deep down, with various situations in my life, I literally had a hole in my heart, that only Jesus could fill. After becoming saved, and turning it all over to the Lord, I saw so many changes in myself. Changes that I loved. Accepting Jesus as my Savior made my heart come alive. It blossomed after 2008. Things I would normally go crazy with stress over (such as not making enough to pay the bills) I know knew to pray and turn it over to God, and it WORKED. I'll never forget one time I was worrying about how I would pay some bills, since my work had slowed down quite a bit, and my dad was unemployed (I was handling all the bills at that time as he was unemployed) I decided worry was getting me no where, and I just prayed for God to show me how to handle this situation. That same month my dad received a surprise extension check from unemployment! What a blessing! All the bills were taken care of. It's small things like that. :) Now I know (though I still am battling my issues of being a worry wart) that worry gets me no where, and can actually make me sick, so I don't stress about the small stuff NEARLY as much as I used to.

So I say thank you Jesus, for being my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you, that it is by the grace of you and our heavenly father, the Lord God Almighty, that I am awake each day to see another beautiful and glorious day. Thank you for all you have done, and will do in my life. Thank you for awakening my heart.


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  1. And I thank God for giving me such a sweet Sister In Christ <3