Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding Plan Checklist

Slowly but surely wedding plans are coming together. :)

As of April 17th I will be a married woman <3

Our "to-do" list is gradually getting smaller, and it feels great.

I'm so thankful that we had a year to budget and save as it is such a relief when we are quoted a price on something if we are able to pay it off in full, instead of having to remember various payments and their due dates.

I'm going to kinda put the mental list of what we have already got accomplished on here, looking at it will probably make me feel pretty darn awesome. :)

  • venue
  • officiant
  • wedding gown
  • dj
  • Photographer (SUPER excited about our engagement shoot that we have coming up!)
  • Caterer
  • cake
  • Tent (outdoor reception, dressy casual my friends)
  • invitations
  • card box (minuscule detail, but found one I adore)
  • online RSVP's (which are a GREAT help to us in getting a better idea of our guest list)
and a reminder to myself of important things that still NEED to be done
  • linen rentals
  • chair rentals + any extra tables that are needed
  • marriage license
  • order flowers
  • tux rentals for fiance + groomsmen
  • figure out a honeymoon (and fiance needs passport if we cruise)
  • china (?)
  • registry
  • rings
  • rehearsal details
  • bridal shower details
  • bachelorette party details
Wedding planning is pretty new to me. While I have been a bridesmaid a few times, besides the wedding I was in last October, I've never really had "hands on" experience and I will admit I am quite lost. I am really missing my mommy during all of this. I've even gotten choked up standing in line behind a mother/daughter waiting to check out in a bridal store. While it made me smile on the inside to see them sharing this happy time together, it was bittersweet. I had to tell myself to "get it together" before tears fell. I know that my mom is looking down on me from above <3 I am so blessed to have a wonderful friend that is willing to be my coordinator and help me figure this all out. With that being said, if you see anything major missing from my check list (which of course doesn't include EVERYTHING) please feel free to comment!

I'll leave you with a picture of the fiance and I goofing around under the arch.


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