Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Jam 2011

I attended my first Winter Jam this year. If you are not familiar with what Winter Jam is, it's Christian Music's largest annual tour. 10 bands for $10. The most significant aspect of Winter Jam is introducing people to life-changing truth through Gospel. Over the past fifteen years of Winter Jam, tens of thousands have made a public commitment to Jesus Christ at a Winter Jam event.

This year, while my church took a huge bus load of people, myself and four others drove separately as since I am a More than music partner with one of my favorite local radio stations, The Joy FM, we were able to get early entrance into the event.

I was thrilled because my Dad had invited a friend of ours that is going through some tough times, and I think it's awesome that he was able to hear the word of God through music and have a good time. You never know who or what might hit a person, and make them decide to change their life.

Tony Nolan shared his testimony and it was amazing. This man has overcame so much. He was born in an insane asylum to a prostitute. The first three years of his life were some of his darkest times ever. He said during that time he was sexually abused, beaten, burnt with cigarettes, all kinds of horrible things. He was finally adopted for the cheap rate of $200 (he calls himself a walmart special) when he was three. He ended up growing up with a father that had problems with alcohol, and in a bad area. He got lost in a world of narcotics and alcohol himself. Thankfully, through the grace of God, he found his way home. He was able to meet his mother ONE time. He went and saw her in a mental hospital. He did not know it then, but his mother would pass a month and a half later. He asked his mother while he was visiting her if she knew Christ as her Savior and she said yes. He said he'd never forget the way his mother looked at him, toes to head, and then looked off into space and started mumbling over and over again "they told me not to have you, they told me not to have you" then she came back, looked him over again, gave him a HUGE grin, and pointed at him and said "God had a plan with you". What an amazing story! The best part was the end when he said how thankful he was for a God that could forgive prostitutes, and because of that, he knows he will meet his mother again, during his eternal life. What an amazing God he is! So forgiving.

I explained this to my friend as we walked in and he jokingly asked me "can I confess my sins here?" to which I said "yes, you can confess your sins anywhere at any time" and he said "I don't think he wants to know them all" and I said "Yes, he does, in fact he ALREADY knows them all, what he wants is for YOU to repent of them, come to him, acknowledge your sins, ask for forgiveness, so that you in turn can then forgive yourself"

It was such an amazing night. The bands that played were: Chris Sligh (from American Idol), Chris August, Sidewalk Prophets, RED, Newsong, Kutless, Francesca Battistelli, David Crowder Band, and Newsboys. While Franny B is one of my favorites, I will say I think I enjoyed the David Crowder Band and Newsboys the best. What a show. :) I plan to go again next year!


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