Friday, January 28, 2011

What makes me uniquely ME?

Day 2: What makes you uniquely you?

I decided instead of listing the things I believe make me "uniquely me" that I'd ask some of my loved ones, and after reading a text that said "for a project I am doing, I need to know what makes me *uniquely me*?" this is what they had to say:

S.H - your unconditional willingness to give to anyone or anything who needs it no matter the toll or cost brought upon yourself.

A.W - your loyalty and commitment to your family, friends, and community make you unique. The compassion you show to animals no matter if it's a cat, dog, or snapper turtle certainly make you unique. :-)

S.S - You are the best, most amazing friend I've had in my life - even from another state. How much you love butterflies and pretty much all animals and your commitment to pets. And I love you! :) <3

J.L - You have a big heart. You are sensitive to peoples needs and feelings, and to all living creatures. You have trouble saying "no" because you want to help. You are passionate about your interests. And since getting saved and getting closer to God you've really made changes, and been honest about your faith - not hiding it from friends who might disagree, but not being judgmental either. :)

J.A - In the worst of situations, you are still chipper. :-)

C.B - Your charitable side. Not too many people your age thrive on your SPCA volunteer work or the Leukemia bake sales, walks, fund raisers or the time you spend at the FBCH. But where others would see it as something not worth the time, you live for it and take time out of your life that you could be doing other things just for yourself, to help others and make an impact on their lives. 

G.B - The fact that you always have a positive outlook on life, and your cooking. Love me some of the food you make!

K.H - One word. Kindness.

R.B - You can't properly pronounce words with "ea" definitely makes you uniquely weird and another reason I love you! :)

C.K - Your heart is SO big. You are one of the most forgiving people that I know and that says a lot about your character and personality. I want you to know that no one can ever take that away from you.

Side notes from me: S.S makes reference of being a great friend even from out of state, that refers to the fact that we became friends ONLINE after meeting in a chat room when we were barely teenagers. We kept in touch and even were pen pals through the years, until she actually moved TO Florida, where we met in person, and became even closer friends. R.B is referring to the fact that apparently I am too lazy to properly put the effort into EA words. For instance if I said "Lets make a deal" it sounds like I say "Let's make a dill" or "Do not steal that" would sound like "Do not still that". My grammar is an ongoing joke for us.

If you'd like to tell me what YOU think makes me uniquely me, please feel free to do so in the comment section below. I'd love to hear. :)

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