Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outfit pic, wedding lists, and tanner update

Yesterday was kinda funny. I made sure to wear one of my favorite outfits so I could take a picture for Project 31's outfit day. Then I realized I was behind, hah, and post an outfit picture was actually today. Oops! So the pics below were taken yesterday :)
Black boots. I have some for under the pants, and over.

Stars on the back :)

Plaid Shirt & Dark Denim, sale JCP. Blue undershirt from Charlotte Russe.

As far as the wedding planning goes, we are definitely getting there! Slowly but surely. I think most major "to-do's" have been taken care of. The last major thing we have to figure out is center pieces/decor. I am not the brain in that area, so I have my coordinator to help me with that aspect. :) Here's a list of what we have taken care of: (sorry I am a list type of gal, they keep me organized)

* Venue
* Officiant
* Photographer
* DJ
* Caterer
* Coordinator
* Rentals (tent, chairs, tables, linens, utensils, cups, plates)
* Rings
* Florist
* Rehearsal booked
* Cake
* Memory table for mom (still a work in progress)

Here's what I KNOW still needs to be done or bought (and please comment if you think of anything!)
* marriage license
* guestbook
* figure out honey moon
* decor
* drinks
* appi's

So that's where I am at. 66 days til the wedding :)

Oh, and I can't forget, I wanted to leave a quick pet(since you KNOW my pets are my "children") update. One of my doggies, Tanner, is having surgery today. They are repairing his cruciate ligament (equivalent of a torn ACL in humans) so I am praying all goes well with that, and he has a speedy recovery. They actually just called and left me a voice mail about an hour ago letting me know that all went well with the surgery, but he does already have some arthritic damage that will slow down his recovery process. Recovery is 12 weeks normally. During that time he will pretty much be confined to a crate except when he goes outside for the bathroom. Poor thing, but I know in the long run, it will be better. Just gotta get him through these 3 months. Also, the doctor said it is VERY common for the dog to tear his OTHER cruciate ligament on the other side once one side has been torn, so we have to be very careful and keep him as still as possible until he's able to put all of his weight equally on both sides. I'll leave you with a picture of Tanner as I dropped him off this morning.


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