Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ovvvverwhelmed. & Day 18

I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed this week. The funny thing is, I have no reason to be. Things are coming together fairly smoothly for the wedding. As crazy as this sounds, I honestly think it's because I feel like (even though I hate doing it) that I should be running around like a mad woman. It's because I am looking ahead instead of living in the present. Last weekend and this coming weekend have been pretty laid back, without a million things to do on the to do list. But after this weekend, everything is going to starting happening quickly and I think that's where the overwhelmed feeling is coming from. I don't wanna be overly stressed doing a ton of things and not be able to enjoy my bridal shower and bachelorette party. I realize most of these feelings are my own issues, I need to just enjoy the present because guess what? it is a gift.

The above actually ties into todays Project 31 quite nicely.
Day 18: Describe your personality:
Over analyzer. I always over thing things, horribly. Worrier. I know I should trust that things will just work out, but I tend to worry, a lot. Anxious. Anxiousness causes anxiety. Yuck! Indecisive. I SUCK at making decisions. Probably as a lot to do with how much I analyze a situation before I make a decision. Hah. Overly sensitive. I get my feelings hurt pretty easy.

Now for some positives: Cheerful, Friendly, Generous, Loving, Forgiving,  Responsible, Quiet (but sometimes loud, depends how well you know me), Trusting. :)

Have a great night bloggers.


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  1. and BEAUTIFUL.. where was that on the good list?