Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surprises. Tanner. & My Sister

I woke up yesterday morning to the dogs barking, wondering who the heck was here so early. It was a pleasant surprise. The fiance bringing me an early Valentines Day present. Roses (Pink, my favorite) and Ghiradelli Chocolate (another favorite). How sweet!

Even though he was working some crazy hours, and running on no sleep, he wanted to come over so he could surprise me and go with me to the animal hospital (in a different city) and pick up Tanner! We stopped for a yummy breakfast with my Dad on the way. When we got there the nurses were telling me how cute Tanner was. When he came outta surgery yesterday he didn't know what to do with his cast so he just laid their for HOURS holding it up. The nurse said she didn't even know HOW he could hold it up straight for hours without laying it down, but he did. Hah. He was so happy to see us. BUT it's going to be a long road ahead. 12 weeks of recovery. He goes back in one week to have his bandage removed.
Sorry it's so dark!

Today for Project 31 I am writing to inspire a friend. My friend is actually my sister. Our relationship is actually fairly unique. We are half sisters, sharing the same mother. Unfortunately, as an infant she was taken away from my mother. The blessing is that she was adopted by an AMAZING family, so it all worked out. She actually was raised in Florida, just like myself. We were hours apart our entire life yet didn't meet until 2004. I grew up KNOWING she was out there. My mom never hid it from me, and often showed me pictures, and letters of correspondence between her and my sisters new mommy :).

I want to inspire her beauty because she inspires me. It's amazing how much a like we are. The first time we met we realized all our similarities, and how much our genes effected us. We both participated in some of the same stuff in high school, we both adore our beloved animals (we definitely get that from our mother), we both have our mothers freckles all over our face, it's just amazing that after living 20 years without a sister, I finally met my older sister and we were SO MUCH a like. I love it.

Sadly we live hundreds of miles away from each other now, in different states. I can't help but SMILE every time I see a picture of her as she resembles our mother so much. That in itself is beauty to me.

I hope she knows how much I adore her, and how beautiful she is(on the inside and out). I am so lucky to have a big sister like her. Her attitude and outlook on life is inspiring to me as well, as we are a like in that we try to always look at the bright side of things, and know that they will get better.

While it saddens me that our mother passed before she could meet her, I am so happy that we got the chance to meet and that we stay in touch. I hope that one day we will live closer, or at least get to spend a holiday together.

On her wedding day :)

My Beautiful Sister <3

Love you sissy! <3


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