Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me :)

I must say, I truly did not plan to do anything special for my birthday this year. I actually planned my bridal shower on the weekend of my birthday, figuring I'd see all my loved ones then. I didn't want anyone to have to stress money, worrying about birthday party gifts, and bridal shower gifts, all so close together. SO, the easy way out of that was to just do the adult thing on my birthday, ya know, go to work

BUT, that all changed. I am blessed to have a pretty flexible job, and when I asked my boss if I decided I wanted to have the day off, if I could, she said yes. That started the debate to work, or not to work? Of course, the first question asked was WHY is this a struggle? The simple answer. Money. Unpaid day off.

Either way, the perks of having the entire day off to enjoy my birthday won out. I took the day off. And enjoyed every second of it.

I woke up and met up with my friend and we took our dogs for a nice 2 mile walk. It was funny because his dog kept acting like his leg was hurt so we'd turn around and head back to the car. BUT, the second we'd turn towards the car, he'd act fine and start running/pulling towards the car. Once we caught on, and turned the other way to continue the walk, he'd favor his leg again. Smart little bugger.

 After that, I decided to head out to the cemetery to visit my momma. I wanted to be sure to tell her how appreciative I am to her for carrying me for 9 long months, giving birth, and then putting up with me for 17 years. <3 Boy do I miss her. 

Then, one of my friends convinced me to meet up with her for lunch. I originally turned her down as I knew I was going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner and wanted to be sure I didn't ruin my appetite. She convinced me that a salad would be good. So, I chose Golden Corral because I love their salad bar. Mistake. I ate more than salad there. Plus, she showed up with a balloon and cake surprise!
After lunch I came home(to which I received two adorable birthday cards in the mail I LOVE SNAIL MAIL), relaxed for a bit, made a few calls about some wedding stuff, balanced my accounts, and got ready to head out for dinner with some of my favorite gals. I must admit, my friends are pretty darn AMAZING. As I said, as of yesterday everyone was told I had to work tonight, because that was my plan. Well, plans changed, and when I decided to do a birthday dinner, 6 of my girlfriends(one even with 3 hours notice) were able to rearrange their schedules to ensure they could make it to dinner. SO SWEET.  

my camera sucks. always blurry.

Did I mention I LOVE MY FRIENDS?

After a wonderful stirfry dinner, a friend (whom loathes chick flicks) and I went back to another friends house to watch a chick flick :D We watched The Switch which wasn't 100% chicky, as it was more comedy. Despite my friends threat to go hang herself in the closet due to the chick flicky nature of the film, no one was hurt during the watching of this film :)

Oh, rewinding back to the night before. When I came home last night, I received my first birthday present. A box arrived from a good friend from out of state with an edible surprise from The Popcorn Factory whom I must say have some pretty amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

That was my birthday/night and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was perfect, for me! 
 Now, next up is Thursday, when I get to celebrate my birthday with my fiance as he had to work a 14 hour shift today. Can't wait.


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