Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogs I follow

Not much too blog about today. I know I still have about a week or so left on my project 31, but it's late, and I am just too tired to think much about answering a question thoughtfully. SO, I figured I'd write a quick blog linking up my favorite blogs to visit. And it IS a quick blog as I only have about four or so that I check frequently and follow on a regular basis.

Two are dear friends of mine.

DaisyJo @ Daisy Petals - She is gearing up to go on a missions trip with our church to Nicaragua this summer. Check out her blog for more updates on that. Maybe the cause will speak to your heart and you might consider being a sponsor or prayer warrior.

My roomie @ Live.Laugh.Love - She has kinda fallen off the bandwagon of blogging on a regular basis, which is understandable as she is my maid of honor in my wedding next month. SO, with that being said, we have kept pretty busy! Maybe she will pick back up soon, ya never know :)

and two I found online, via my friend DaisyJo's blog

Mandy @ She Breathes Deeply - ADORE her little blog. She is a strong Christian woman with an adorable little family. With a new addition, Lily Beloved who actually just turned ONE WEEK today. If you want to see total cuteness, check out her blog. I adore her fashion style as well, down to her tattoos and makeup. Mandy is actually the creator of Project 31, which you can find featured throughout my blog over the last month.

Ree @ The Pioneer Woman - Ohmigoodness. I don't even know where to begin with Ree. I absolutely adore her writing style. Her website is AMAZING. There truly is something for everyone, recipes, photography, animals, children, home and garden, home schooling, and an amazing book that she wrote and had published, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. You can start reading it online, and then buy it. Once I started reading, I could NOT stop. It's a love story of how she, a city girl to the max, met and fell in love with a true cowboy! It's good enough that she is even in talks with the big shots about turning it into a big screen movie. Who better to play that role that Reese Witherspoon? FINGERS CROSSED. But yeah, check her out. She has weekly photography contests, and always has something going on.

So, those are my favorites. Happy Surfing.

Oh, side note. I continue my birthday celebrations tonight as my fiance was off and took me to OLIVE GARDEN. Alfredo dipping sauce, of how I have missed you.


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