Monday, March 21, 2011

& She Said YES

And by She, I mean I.

WARNING: Photo Heavy Blog 

I had my wedding shower this past weekend. It was fabulous. It really was everything I had hoped for - and more. I know every bride says this, but I truly do have the best friends and family, and I absolutely adore them, and pray they know how much I love AND appreciate them, for everything(BIG and small) they do, and for always supporting me.

Now, time for some photo's: 

Note: As I am photo obsessed, my theme was photography and scrap booking. We asked guests to create a scrapbook page symbolizing our friendship, it could be photos, quotes, a poem, ANYTHING. The plan is for me to create a friendship scrapbook with all the stuff turned in, as well as photo's from the shower. All the pages my friends brought were beautiful and very touching for me. I LOVED IT! Those pictures will come in a separate blog (soon). Spring was also a big part of theme/decor. I'm sure you can tell :)
Gerbera's my favorite!
DIY Shadow Box
DIY Photo Jar Favors
DIY Flower Poms
An amazing combination of puzzles my MOH maid for me as I LOVE animals. My favorite is the donkey and butterfly! Oh, and those flowers in the vase, PENS to use for game playing.
& she said yes. + Garden-y couch
way to cover a book shelf
Which I might add got me into a LOT of trouble. Left overs Saturday, Sunday, and today. We had so much yumminess - bbq lil' weenies, meatballs, chicken salad sandwiches, veggie tray, bread bowls, tortilla rolls, cake, brownies, chips and dip, macaroni salad, oh my! Guess what I just finished warming up and eating as I was compiling this blog? If you guessed brownies and chocolate chip cookies, YOU GOT IT. Tsk Tsk to the bride. I know.
Chocolate (my fav) daisy cake
Deliciousness came from here.

Games + Presents
And More Thinking.
And even more thinking.
Beautiful hanger for taking those hanging dress photo shots
MUFFIN PAN! I like baking!
this wrapping paper was so beautiful!
You don't understand how much I love chocolate, but my MOH DOES.
Sampling of the scrapbook pages that were made for me. More to come.
CROCKPOT - again, I love to cook!
 The wonderful people I love
Note: I took a picture with each and every one of my guests (except my future mother in law because she left before I started the photo ops, and my boss*whom is also a mentor/friend*, because she came late) BUT I can not post each and every picture. Please don't take offense if I don't post one of us. It doesn't mean I love you any less, it just means that 1: I know you don't like the pic and would punch me if I posted it :P 2: I don't like the way *I* look in the pic HAHA or 3: if I loaded every pic I wanted, it'd take forever for this blog to load (as if it won't already)
GROUP SHOT! so happy we were able to hunt down my future bro in law to take this
Double Trouble - Two Heather's
My wonderful MOH/Roomie & I <3
Family <3
My EA Momma - Emotionally Adopted
My photographer - She is FAB!
One of my best friends of close to 10 years. Longer than that if you count middle school days
BF4E. My Bridal Party - Minus my cousin who had to leave early.

 And that my friends is my recap of one awesome day. Thank you to all those that played a role in making it as special as it was. 

Special note of thanks to my dear friend @ Daisy Petals as most of these pics were taken by her.


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