Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turn Signals & Wristbands

I've been meaning to blog about this for about two weeks now, as I am seeing it happen more and MORE often. Turn Signals. Are they becoming extinct?! Seriously, I'd say that almost daily I witness someone changing lanes, or turning without using their signal. It's so annoying to me. Today (which is now yesterday as it's after midnight) I actually saw an ambulance change lanes not once but twice without using their turn signal either time. Yes, Mr. Ambulance Driver, the person behind you was able to read your mind and know that you were about to switch lanes and cut them off. NO!!! Now, had the ambulance had its lights or sirens on and been rushing somewhere, I would have understood, but that was definitely not the case. I was happy to see that when it came for them to actually turn off the road we were traveling, they DID indeed use their signal. But still, inexcusable to just change lanes without using that signal to let the next person know. Hello, how do wrecks happen?! Now, I know I can not talk because I will be the first to admit I am BY FAR the best driver in the world, and I've had my fair share of tickets, but I do know that when I do forget to use my signal (and yes, that happens sometimes) I usually realize it and feel bad right away. I realize that when driving other people depend on me doing things properly for their safety. If I am planning to turn, and someone else is on another road, and wanting to turn onto the road I am traveling, if I turn on my signal to let them know *I* will be turning off, it allows them to know it's safe for them to go ahead and turn out. Now, if I DON'T use my signal and they spend time waiting for me only to realize I am turning, but they've missed their chance to pull out, that is not fair. So, I do try my hardest to remember to use my signal, and you should too! :) So, now that I'VE vented, what irks you on the roads? Leave me a comment letting me know!

Also, random note about my wrist band collection that I have blogged about before here. When I was checking out at Petco the other day (buying fish oil and joint supplements for the furbabies) the cashier started asking me what all my bands represented. I proceeded to tell him, though you can click the above link to read that blog I did. After my explanation, he asked if I wanted another, and offered me the pretty blue one he wore. It says Protect Our Pets. He went on to tell me he is Catholic, and got the wristband at his church, and it was to represent the Saint Francis Prayer for Pets . It was SO sweet of him to give his wristband to me. :) So, now I am sporting FIVE bands on my right wrist. <3

New Blue Band



  1. Aww...!!! that was so sweet..!!! I have one purple for the Lupus cause, I want you to have it. Love your blogs.

  2. Aw, Maria, you are too sweet :) I love wearing all my wristbands!