Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day In The Life Of....

Me :)

As I am wrapping up Project 31 I was asked to write about a day in the life of me. I was hoping to document just one day, a whole day of photo's but that just didn't work out any day this week. SO, I still plan to document WITH photo's they just weren't taken all in one day. BUT, it's still an example of a day in the life of moi. 

I wake up here
I drive my blue baby 90% of the time
BUT, sometimes I drive my fiances truck :)

I usually see the following three people at least once a day:

My Daddy

My Fiance

My Roomie

And the following dogs:
My Baby. Chico.

My Dad's babies, Tanner & Paris
 I spend anywhere from 20-40 hours a week sitting here:
Work Desk
And I try to workout 5 days a week either walking outside or the gym:
Treadmill... getting ready to work out.
3 mile Lake I walk regularly at sunset
Typically I end my night by sipping on hot chamomile tea (it helps me sleep!) and reading a daily devotion. I'd like to change this, and start my day with a devotion but for me, right now, this is the perfect way to end my busy days.
Tea + Devotion book

I didn't take pictures of the following but with the wedding right around the corner, many of my days currently involve multiple trips to Michaels Arts & Crafts, Walmart, Target, Bridal Stores, my rental place, etc etc.

I figured as we embarked into April..... we'd let the countdown begin. Happy April to everyone. And, Happy Wedding Month to me. <3 16 short days and I'll be a married woman.


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