Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Threatening Skies

Central Florida has had some crazy weather the past week. Personally, while I know the rain is much needed right now, my fingers are crossed and I am praying that Mother Nature gets it together before my OUTDOOR wedding which is in 12 SHORT DAYS. The average March rainfall is 3.38inches. We had 6.58 this March. This should DEFINITELY help ease the worry of spring wild fires due to drought.... at least, for now.

Last Thursday, March 31st, my area was toppled with what is being called the worst storm since the Hurricanes of '04. If you live in this area, you know that time was crazy. 3 hurricanes plowed through our county in 2004 within a 2 month period.

When I woke up Thursday, I was supposed to drive to Orlando for my final dress fitting. Looking at the sky, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I am not a fan of driving on a good day, let alone a day in which we are under a severe storm warning. Uh, no! I rescheduled. And stayed at home in my PJ's pretty much the entire day (that NEVER happens). I was able to go through tons of old pictures and finish working on some stuff for a memorial table I am doing for my mommy at my wedding.

Meanwhile, as I was sitting at home, staying dry, thousands of people were out at a local air show that takes place annually around here. They were definitely effected by the storm. In fact, an actual tornado HIT the airport it takes place at. 7 people were treated at the hospital, while others were treated on site. Nearly 70 planes were attacked by the storm, which accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. High winds knocked over a shack that a security guard was in, and poles and other flying debri's hit other spectators. Tents were knocked down(1 with 70 people under it). Events were canceled for the rest of the day, and the crowd was asked to leave.

The NWS (National Weather Service) confirmed that a tornado did hit within 20 minutes of my house(at that airport). The tornado was ranked a EF-1 on the enchanced fujita scale. EF-0 is the lowest, EF-5 is the highest. Ranking of an EF-1 means winds between 75-95 MPH. The path link was just over a half a mile, and a path width of 30-40 yards.

funnel cloud some one captured while driving

Quiet neighborhood

Funnel cloud captured within WALKING distance from my house

very rainy and windy

Toppled planes at the event

Numerous reports of damage to vehicles and houses

I am thankful I didn't lose power at all during the storm, but thousands of others did. And some were without until Saturday. :(

And then........ after all the madness of Thursday, we go on to set a record high on Monday.

A sweltering 90 degrees set the new record for a high on Monday. Ugh! The previous high was 89 degrees, coincidentally in 1989.

And, wait for itttttt. After setting the record high on Monday, aka yesterday, we are back to severe storm warnings today.
Overview of my area today

Gotta love Florida.


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