Monday, May 23, 2011

2 months ago

I scooped up a new member of the family.

Of course, I didn't know this at the time - or did I?

Honestly, it wasn't the plan. Two months ago I made a quick impromptu trip up to Micheals (which was my usual hangout as I prepped for the April wedding) and Target. As I was walking over to Target, I could see people scampering around looking at a puppy that was running the lot. I, of course, went over to help. He was skittish, scared I'm sure. Finally, another person caught him. Then asked "okay, I caught him, now who will take him?" I volunteered as I am a volunteer for my local SPCA, and have rescued many a dog. He had a collar on him, which made me extremely hopeful that he had a home, and had just escaped. I immediately headed towards my vet so I could have him scanned for a chip. No chip. I figured there was still hope, so I took him home with the intent to keep him for a week while I continued to look for his owner. I placed multiple found ads, and scoured the lost ads, to no avail. Of course, all the while, I am drowning in wedding plans.

Well, here we are two months to the date, and Bullseye (appropriately named after being found in the Target parking lot) has already had his first annual, and has an appointment this Thursday to get neutered and chipped.

Yup, it's official. He's a permanent part of the family. He found his furever home.

You can read my previous posts about Bullseye here:

And now, some pictures to enjoy. The various facial expressions of Bullseye. How can you NOT love that face?

He truly just melts my heart. I get so much joy by just watching him and Chico romp around the yard. They have SO much fun together. What a blessing this puppy has been to our little family.

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  1. My little buddy! I'm so glad you finally have a dog I can be friends with haha. Bless Chico's heart, I'm ok that he only has eyes for you.