Sunday, May 29, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week Five - Loving Life and Having Fun

Today I am starting to participate in a project that Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet started. It's called 8 weeks to a better me. Here is how the project works, taken straight from Danielle's blog:

So here's how this is going to work, and I encourage you to join in over these next two months:

Each Sunday evening during the months of May and June one of my eight participants will present us with a guest post on their topic. They'll be discussing how and why their topic is relevant to them, and will also be giving us inspiration and motivation to move towards setting goals relevant to the subject matter. For instance, this week's topic is "Blogging Inspiration," so our participants (this week we have a husband and wife duo!) will be sharing what inspires them to blog.

At the end of this and every post, I will be setting three goals for the week that have to do with the subject at hand. So this week I'll be setting three simple goals in relation to blogging.

If you're inspired and interested, I encourage you to join along for this week, or all eight weeks!

Essentially at the end of the 8 weeks, we will have all done a little more, tried some new things, set and achieved goals, and truly become a little better than we were. I'm definitely excited, and I think you guys are really going to enjoy the amazing bloggers I have lined up!

Sounds pretty interesting, eh? I am excited to start on this journey with her. I am joining in on week five, so I can link up with the other bloggers on time, and then I plan to back track to weeks four, three, two and one. I know, I know, I'm a weirdo. Sometimes doing stuff backwards works. We shall see :)


I'm jumping in on the perfect week. The theme this week? Loving Life and Having Fun. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I love my life. So many people take for granted how precious and short life really is. We get so caught up in culture and thinking we must do this and that to be loved and accepted, that we don't even comprehend that our life here on earth is so short compared to our time that will be spent in eternity. 

I totally agree with the guest blogger this week, Lauren from Busy Bee, on her number one tip on enjoying her life: find beauty in everything and document it. I love photo's. That is one of the best ways to share a memory with someone. 

You can't take life too seriously, you have to sit back and enjoy the time you have here. Take time to truly look around you, and enjoy the beauty you see.

Laugh Every Day
Be Goofballs

Yesterday while driving, I had to stop for a minute and look at the breathtaking view before me. I was driving past an empty field, with some horses in it. It was so tranquil for me at that moment. It's spring, so the field was a vibrant green, with two brown horses eating some grass, but at the same time, we had perfect blue skies yesterday with an abundance of big puffy white clouds. This view brought so much joy to my heart. Our earth is so beautiful, scenes like this just make me love my life even more. We are so blessed to be here. I wish I'd had a good camera with me yesterday, to capture all that beauty around me. Today is another beautiful day, blue skies and white puffy clouds. I think I will go lay outside (in the 100 degree weather) and enjoy it.... for as long as I can last. Haha.

 1. Take time to enjoy the small things more. I will start today, with going outside and laying around, enjoying the big beautiful clouds we have over central Florida this weekend.

2. I am going to have to agree with Danielle, and take one of her goals: not to say one negative thing about anyone this week. At one point or another, we've all gotten sucked into the gossip drama, whether it be workplace or just with friends. It's as simple as being out at Walmart and seeing someone and mumbling "WHAT on earth is he/she wearing?" Nothing good comes out of that comment, and it's actually pretty mean. Who knows what he/she is going through. So, this week, I am going to work on changing that within myself. I will not judge people this week, afterall, who am I to judge?  

3.  Do myself up. We generally feel better about ourselves when we know we look good. I am very laid back, and while I love the way I look when I have makeup (natural looking) on, I am a bit too lazy to apply every day. I rarely wear makeup, and am fine with the way I look, but this week, I am going to wear makeup everyday (oh my!) and see if it makes a difference at all in the way I feel or present myself.

Have a great week friends!



  1. I just finished reading your entire blog, start to finish.

    I remember when J talked about your starting a blog, and I started to follow. I was in my own little conflict--to blog or not to blog--and decided I didn't have time to follow OR write a blog. Since May 2009, I started and stopped my own blog several times. But in the past two weeks, I tried again and I am to keep it up.

    As of today I'm even more committed, and now I want to carry a camera everywhere.

    Enjoy your journey!

  2. Oh my!! That must have took quite some time to read, unless you were doing it over a period of time. Either way, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. :) J got me onto blogging again (I used to on and off, like you, over the years) I am really having fun with it this time around!!

    Good luck with your new blog, I think you will enjoy it! And yup, carry a camera EVERYWHERE you never know when a blog topic will pop up!

  3. First of all AWWW at the comments! But also, what a cool blog topic. :D

  4. Such great goals, we all need to take time to enjoy the small things and count our blessings. Love your sweet blog!