Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Girl Power on Biggest Loser Finale

It was definitely Girl Power on the finale of the Biggest Loser last night.

I started watching The Biggest Loser at the start of season 8. I was immediately hooked. I don't have time to watch too many shows regularly, but the Biggest Loser became one that I would DVR and watch every episode of. Tonight was the finale of the 11th season. I just find this show so incredibly inspirational. While my BMI number does say I am overweight (I am 135ish, and need to be 120ish - which is especially important because of my back), I am nowhere near where these contestants have been, but watching them helps motivate me. After all, if one of them can go from 400lbs down to 200, and lose 50% of their body weight, then I should be able to lose a measly 10lbs, right? When I see them push themselves to the limit, it inspires me to want to do the same. If a 300lb person can jog one mile, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to do the same.

Some of the quotes  I love from the two main trainers on Biggest Loser are:

If you really take care of yourself, your body will take care of you - Bob Harper

The past doesn't define you, your present does. It's okay to create a vision of the future because it affects your behavior in the "now," but don't dwell on past mistakes. Learn from them and focus those lessons in the moment. That’s where change can really happen. - Jillian Michaels

Can you do it? You bet you can! - Bob Harper

Why choose to fail when success is an option?- Jillian Michaels

Is it easy? No! ... It has to be a conscious decision. - Bob Harper

Anyways, back to the finale. The final 3 this season broke a record, the first time the final 3 were ALL FEMALES. And on top of that, two of the three were SISTERS Hannah & Olivia.

Watching the BL from episode one to the finale is unbelievable. I remember when I was younger and had problems with weight, and I'd see an advertisement for weight loss, and the person didn't even look the same, I'd say "there's no way that's the same person, they don't even look a like". Now I know, it IS possible. When you watch these contestants slowly change, the transformation is just beyond belief. Makeover episode is always one of my favorites. :) I'm going to share with you the transformations of the final three, Irene, Hannah & Oliva, who also happened to be my favorites. I am so happy and proud of these women (and ALL the contestants for that matter)

Final 3: Hannah, Irene & Olivia

Starting Weight: 255
Ending Weight: 139
Lost: 116lbs

Starting Weight: 248
Ending Weight: 128
Lost: 128lbs

Starting Weight: 261
Ending Weight: 132
Lost: 129lbs 

Each of these ladies have their own story to tell, part of Hannah's is that as a former athlete, she broke her back in college and led a "couch potato" lifestyle after doctors told her she shouldn't work out much as it could cause her more pain. Well, it caused her to gain weight, and emotional pain. Watching her evolve on the show, and see that she could still be athletic, was just amazing. 

So remember ladies and gents, when you think you can't: You can!


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