Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hair Help Thursday

I need some hair advice. I'm ready for a hair change. So the debate is on, short/long?, bangs/no bangs?, high lights/ no lights? What do you think?

PS - I was happy to see my hair grows pretty quickly in a year, as it was fairly short when I got engaged in February 2010, and much longer when I got married last month. A year made a world of difference.

Anyways, help, please. Leave opinions in the comments :)

Natural Color Short VS Long


Different colors?

Different Cuts?

I just don't know.
What do YOU think?


  1. I'm thinking bangs and less colors. Maybe natural color with some highlights for dimension.

  2. I think you should do whatever you like the best and or what your husbands likes :P

  3. @DaisyJo - Agreed. Was leaning towards that myself. I know I want to get rid of the top color for sure, maybe keep some peek a boos underneath!

    @MMON - He is no help. He says he likes my hair all lengths, and colors. Oy. I am so indecisive. :D

  4. Hey, thanks for replying and visiting my website. Let me know if you find anything interesting on it =)

    I like your slogan, reminds me of when I was a lil kid at bible study.