Sunday, June 12, 2011

8 weeks to a better me, week 7: Personal Style

Welllll, I had semi success with my 3 goals from this past week. I did not succeed at all in goal # 1, to eliminate stuff I didn't absolutely love. I haven't had a lot of access to my bedroom this week during the day, therefore wasn't able to rifle through my closet and drawers some more. BUT, as I said, I did just clean out my closet a week before, so I am well on my way with that one. Goal 2 was a success and my computer desk looks so much better. I have a sense of peace when I am not surrounded by clutter.


Goal 3, not so much. Most all of my scrap booking stuff is in my room, and as I said, I didn't have much access to my room this week, SO, no progress there. BUT, I did buy the scrapbook I've been eye balling all year at Michaels that I wanted for my wedding scrapbook as it's very similar to my guestbook. I love Michaels weekly 40% off coupons.

As for this week, the topic is personal style. I had a lot of fun reading Elsie's guest post about style. I can honestly say that I don't consider myself to have a set personal style. I wear what I feel most comfortable in. And many times that may be yoga pants and an oversized tee. I tend to wear jeans a lot, dressed up or down. Sadly, I can't wear heels, but if I could, I'd have SOOOO much fun with them! But, I make the best of the many flats and wedges that I do have! I guess the one thing that may be a signature style that I do is, when I wear a regular tee, I tie a ribbon around the sleeves, like this:

* make some new outfits out of existing pieces that I have
* wear more dresses or skirts, I have plenty of springy dresses!
* style my hair differently. I am not loving all the layers I have in the back of my hair, from my recent hair cut, so I may be chopping it off anyways



  1. I'd love to help!!! I was just imagining you with curls/ways today lol

    (For anyone reading this--I was picturing hairstyles for heather when I sat across from her for Sunday School)

  2. Haha, I love the clarification of SS :) and Yay, I'd appreciate the help!

  3. I'm also trying to make new outfits from existing pieces. And that's a really good idea about the new hairstyle - that can totally help anyone feel better about themselves!