Saturday, June 11, 2011

JCP, Solo Movie, Tea party, & vet trip

People Watchin' :)
Hi Friends! I hope this weekend is finding you having some fun in the sun! 

Yesterday I made a run up to JCP (one of my favorite places to shop) because I had some pretty amazing coupons:
  1. $10 off any $10+ item
  2. $15 off any $15+ item
  3. $10 off of $25+
  4. $10 off of $25+
I was able to spend my first two easy (and yes, I had to do separate transactions at different registers, but hey, didn't want the coupons to go to waste) I told myself going in I had plenty of tops, and that I needed bottoms... so of course the first place I stop is tops... but I pulled myself away, and alas, I found a pair of brown cargo capri's that I bought because I have a TON of brown shoes, and I also bought a pair of dressy black bermuda shorts that are work appropriate. I got them both for $20, and saved over $60 thanks to in store savings and coupons. After those two purchases, I decided to chalk my savings up and not use those other two. Why should I spent $50 I wasn't planning to spend in the first place, just to save $20? SOOO, being that both of my $10 off of $25 were due to expire the next day (aka today) I found some random shoppers and shared the wealth. I love making people smile!

After my shopping trip I was all set to meet a friend at the movies to see Bridesmaids (coincidentally she was a bridesmaid in my April wedding).
Anyways, I get there at about 6:30 thinking the movie starts at 7:10. Well, the times had changed since I looked previously during the week, and it was 7:45pm. Perfect as my friend was stuck in traffic on our interstate due to a horrible car accident. :( I decided instead of shopping around at the mall, that I'd sit outside by a huge water fountain, and people watch. And I did just that, for an hour. See the very first picture of today's post. It was so nice and relaxing. My friend calls me again to tell me she's still another city away, and to save her a seat, she will be late.... I go in, save a seat, and get ready for the movie. As it starts, she is still another city away. The theatre is pretty packed so I tell her not to head this way as I didn't want her to pay for a movie she missed the first half hour of, or worse, them tell her it's sold out anyways. SO, I end up watching the movie, in this packed theatre, all by myself. I truly didn't mind. You see, I grew up an only child, so sometimes I crave alone time. I hadn't been to a movie by myself in YEARS, I can't even remember the last time. I also think it's quite interesting to see others reactions to you sitting alone at a movie. I had a good time, and a lot of laughs, though I know my friend(s) would have enjoyed it as well. I may just have to see this one again.

Thankfully I didn't get home too late from the movie, as I had a tea party that I planned to go to with my mother in law on Saturday. When I came home from the movies last night, as my precious furbaby jumped up and down greeting me, his nail got caught on me, and he yelped.... I looked him over to see what the issue was, and saw this:
he had completely twisted his outer nail sideways. OUCH. And I had noticed that he had an extra shelling growing on it a few days earlier. I of course panicked, it was late, and I didn't want an expensive ER vet trip bill, but I also didn't want it to snag worse and him bleed everywhere. That can be dangerous. I dubbed it that he could safely sleep in bed with me, and I'd take him first thing in the morning to the vet, and hopefully be done before 9:30 when I was to be picked up for the tea party.  We made it to the vet at 8am, however the doctor wouldn't be in until 9am, and they didn't have anything until 11am at the earliest, and that was a "work in" or I could take a 4:45 actual appointment. I didn't want to cancel tea party plans, so I took the 4:45.

My mother in law picked me up right on time, and we headed to her church about 20 minutes away. It was a ladies brunch, wacky hat, tea party. This is us in our wacky hats, though mine is just a plain ol beachy hat. Haha:
I truly enjoyed myself, and had a good time sharing fellowship with her at her church. She had two boys, so never got  to experience these type of girly things, and my mother passed ten years ago, so we never got to experience stuff like this as I grew older either. It was such a blessing to be able to go. At one point they even had volunteers share their testimonies about their mothers and I (yes, shy ol' me that doesn't like speaking in groups) spoke. Everyone was already a little teary, and my voice definitely cracked as I spoke, but I am glad I did.

When I got dropped off back at home, I had a couple of hours to soak up the Florida sun with a friend, and that's what we did. Napped by the pool. I made it back in time to go wait two hours at my vets. I knew when I made the appointment that the later the appointment, the more backed up they will be. Emergencies come in daily. And I understand that, so I tried not to get frustrated. I was just happy my favorite vet was on call today. Usually I only take them in on a day she is working, but today I didn't even ask as I knew he needed to be seen regardless. $50 later, we left, Chico's nail was fine. She went in the back to rip the rest of it off, and bandage him up and get him some pain killers, however I guess he did the bulk of the ripping himself the night before, she said it came right off. All she had to do was clip the nail shorter, into the wick, as the new nail had already started growing in sideways. She said this hurt him more than the ripping. He didn't bleed or require bandage or pain killers. What a blessing. He's been running around like his usual happy hyper self tonight. :)

I finished the night this evening by cooking an awesome dinner (grilled chicken, asparagus, greens and white beans, mashed taters, and a salad) and watching Just go with it with my roomie and two friends (one of them was the one that was stuck in traffic last night!). We shared a bottle of wine, and a gallon of Publix Brownie Moose Tracks. Mhm! That's what I call dinner and dessertx2. It was awesome. I am exhausted and so ready for bed. Bring it on Sunday.


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