Friday, June 3, 2011


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I am very VERY excited to be taking over Fabulous Friday's from Laura over at Between The Lines as she is in need of a much deserved break from blogging.

If you haven't yet participated in a Fabulous Friday, it's very simple:
What did you find to be fabulous this past week? Currently? In general? You can include just text, you can include just photos, you can include photos and descriptions, a little of everything - totally up to you. This isn't a photo challenge, it's just a fun, weekly chance to talk about fabulous things going on in your life. :)

If you'd like an example, you can check out one of Laura's previous Fabulous Friday posts by clicking HERE.

I hope you will grab a button and join in on praising all the fabulous things going on in your world.

My fabulous things this week?

My husband bought me the three things above. I LOVE them. They were 50% off at the Family Christian Bookstore. The first one, that says Faith, I plan to take and leave out at my mom's plot at the cemetery <3 The 2nd one, that says Faith: makes things possible, not easy, I plan to hang inside, and the third one has already got use every night since it was bought. I drink hot tea nightly as I get ready for bed. This cup is just fabulous! and perfect for me :)

Girly time - Me & 4 of my favorite ladies got to have some impromptu quality time together when we headed to Outback for dinner Thursday night. It was impromptu because we had planned to just set up for a yard sale we are having to help us raise money for an annual weekend beach trip we take yearly (yes, we raise money via a sale so we each pay way less PP than we'd had to otherwise). Anyways, one of my friends, offered to use a $50 GC she had which allowed us each $10 off our bill. SO awesome. This was beyond fabulous. It's not often most of the gang can get together.

This past weekend was beyond Fabulous. It was the first one in a long time that my husband had off. We didn't do much, and that was just fine with me. We did have a date night one night in which we saw Fast Five, and ate at Carrabbas - his first time.

My back - Last week I was having major issues with my Spondylolisthesis, and major back pain because of it. This week, while I am not 100%, I do feel MUCH better, and THAT is fabulous to me.

Couponing. The more I learn about it, the more fabulous it becomes!

Rain - It rained yesterday. Not nearly long enough, but any rain right now is good!

Those are a few of the fabulous things going on in my neck of the woods. How about yourself? What fabulous things do YOU have going on? Be sure to link up!


  1. Where should be link up at - there doesn't seem to be a link up section....

  2. It APPEARS to be working now! Sorry for the delay!

  3. You got it! Woohoo! :) I love all of those things, especially the first one and the coffee mug. Cute, cute.

  4. yes, finally got it working! Thanks Laura!! And yes, adore everything from the Christian Bookstore!