Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard sale & Car wash fun

This weekend has been quite exhausting. I hosted a yard sale on Friday and today at my house, and booked a car wash at a local restaurant for today as well.

The yard sale was put together and ran by myself and six of my best girl friends. We gather all our stuff that we no longer have need for, compile it at my house, and host a yard sale yearly around this time to help us raise money to pay for our annual vacation. I think I've blogged about it before, every August, we go to AMI for a nice little weekend getaway. We go on the weekend of the anniversary of my mothers death, and it gives me something to look forward to on what would otherwise be a sad weekend. By raising money from the yard sale, it cuts our costs that we have to chip in individually. It looks like after this car wash each girl should be paying no more than $30 each for a weekend getaway. You CANT beat that.

The car wash I actually booked for my brother in law and some of my friends from church. It was to raise funds for a missions trip to Nicaragua they are taking in July. I am so excited for them. I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories. We had a bit of a situation as we arrived at the location for the car wash this morning. It appeared they had overbooked us. There was already someone there setting up for another wash. This was a bit annoying to me as I called to confirm two different times in the last three weeks, and each time they read me the name of my church and said we were good to go. I guess the other group had been scheduled for a wash a week or two before and had been canceled because of remodeling the location was going through, and they had been rescheduled and confused the dates. Either way, it all worked out, the other group was a church as well, and very understanding, they bid us well and even donated to our wash. How sweet.

I was sure to snap various pictures for your entertainment of the two events. Warning: the ones of the yard sale are quite hilarious scary.

Yard sale fun 
J wearing some googly eyes
H rocking some boots, scarf and a hat
only a SMALL section of our goods

The hubs rocking I don't even know what to say.
Dad & Hubs having yard sale fun

 Car wash fun

working at the car wash..... yeah!

Sign says it all :D
SO, that was MY weekend so far. I hope yours was just as entertaining. :)



  1. This looks like so much fun!!! Having a great time while raising money is always a blessing!

  2. Amen Olivia! Having fun makes ANYTHING better!! <3