Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Monday, Cutest Couple & Father's Day

Today does not feel like a Monday to me. I guess part of that is because Sunday's are my Monday, but, that's besides the point.

I woke up planning to go get a walk in outside before it got too hot. Well, in Florida, 9am is already too late. So, I worked out inside, walking 2 miles with Leslie Sansone.
Leslie! With a giant flash on her head. Oops
My Yoga Mat :)
Why it's hard to work out inside.

Afterwards, my hubby asked if I wanted to go see a movie, and grab lunch with him. I figured with an early enough movie, I'd have time before my afternoon shift, so I said yes (again) :) He really wanted to see Super 8, and I was down, so that was the plan. We also invited a mutual friend, so the three of us were off. I really had no clue what Super 8 was about (I usually don't when he chooses the movie) BUT I was just happy to be hanging out. I ended up really liking the movie. I definitely recommend it. The kid stars of that movie are awesome. They make it! :)

We then enjoyed soup and salad at Chili's where we got a 50% employee discount, thanks to our friend T! Yum!

As we were on our way home, I received a text from my boss that said my afternoon shift was cancelled, and that work looked to be slow all week. No Bueno for my paycheck this week.

Oh, also, I entered my husband and I into a "Cutest Couples" contest. Yes, we are that couple. :D Anyways, my entry didn't make the first phase, so it will be available for voting next phase, BUT my friend entered a photo from our wedding day as well, so for this round, let's get her into the finalists. :) Vote for the picture she took of my husband and I please!

Oh, and one more side note. I had all intentions on creating an awesome photo tribute for my Daddy on Father's Day, however, time did not allow. SO, though I did not mention it on my blog yesterday (since I had all intentions to come back and blog more later) I hope all the Father's and Father's to be out there had an incredibly blessed Father's Day :) I tried my hardest to ensure my Dad did so. Love him SO much! Since I didn't get to do my photo tribute yesterday, I will post one from my wedding day for now.
Seeing me for the first time in my dress <3

Ready to give me away. <3

Have a BLESSED week everyone!


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