Sunday, June 19, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week 8 - Awakening your creative side

I am so excited about this weeks topic. Awakening your creative side. This is the perfect read for me as I am trying oh so hard to become more creative this year. I've never been much of a DIYer, but I have done a few projects this year:
especially as they led up to my April wedding. And I had a LOT of fun doing it. I explored stores I'd never been to before, such as SOHO, or Southern Hospitality, a store with an over abundance of awesome stuff. I also ventured into Michael's and Joanne's much more frequently than I ever had before. And I found myself enjoying the stuff I saw.

SO, reading guest blogger LA's post today on Sometimes Sweet's : 8 weeks to a better me, was so much fun. LA gave 14 ways to start awakening your creative side. And you know what? They are easy to do. I can't wait to start awakening my creative side more. Look out world, Heather is about to become more crafty. :)

1. Create at least one page for my friendship scrapbook. I desperately want to make an awesome friendship scrapbook, and a wedding one. However, I am choosing to start with the friendship one first as I've already got a few pages made for that one (no thanks to myself) I had friends that wanted to participate bring an already created page to my bridal shower back in March. I got some really cute pages, that I will display SOON. But, my goal this week is to create just ONE page. Small goal, but hey, we all start somewhere, right?

2. Use my Pinterest account. I created one a few weeks ago, upon the recommendation of some of my craftier friends, and have yet to use my account. It's the perfect place to catalog all things pretty, that catch my eye. SO, this week, I will save some stuff there. :)

3. Set up a crafting night with friends. Me and some friends have been talking about this for awhile. We usually have a girly night in which we watch Gossip Girl, or some other show we like, however we have been talking about wanting to share our different crafting ideas, one friend sews, another crochets, another bakes, etc etc. We all have our own creative sides. It's time to show it :D



  1. craft night is an awesome idea! I (along with a craft group I founded) have a crafter-noon once a month where we get to try a new craft. It's so much fun and I just love the new crafty friends I've made. They are so inspiring!

  2. Pinterest is so lovely. Fun to browse!

    Oh, I was going to respond about the rainbow comment you made on my blog. Yes, saw it; it is every so slightly visible if you look very closely. I chose to comment on your blog in order to reach you.

    DaisyPetals showed me how to make my e-mail visible. If you do that, then I can respond to any comments you make to me. I have already learned that it is pointless to respond on my own page to a comment from someone. I know it is there, but the one to whom I am responding is not likely to ever go back and look for it.