Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rockin' Stiletto's... NOT.

The point of today's blog is just to say I have MUCH respect for the women that can rock stiletto's. No Joke. Shoes can make any outfit. I rarely wear heels for two reasons: 1. my back problem, I've actually been told NOT to wear heels by doctors. 2. I never really wore them as I grew up (was diagnosed with said back problem at age 15) so I have no practice and have a good chance of spraining my ankle when I do attempt to wear them. Every so often I find a pair of heels that I just HAVE to have. I don't know what compels me to buy them, knowing I won't be able to wear them, but once in awhile it happens (only if it's a good sale of course). I am writing this blog today because yesterday was one of those days...where I had the perfect outfit, and wanted to rock a pair of my stiletto's that I recently bought when I was vintage thrift shopping last week. You see, we had an out of state client paying a visit to my work, so I figured I'd impress them with awesome shoes. Hah. Well, I popped on the shoes, wore them as I finished getting ready, walked around the house in them, make a quick run by my fiances house, and a stop by Publix on the way to work to grab some lunch/dinner. As I walked into Publix I was thinking "Ohmigosh, this SUCKS. I know I am walking awkward. I don't know if I will make it back to my car" I ALMOST turned around then and went back to the car to change shoes (I was smart, brought my back up shoes) but I trekked into Publix, got my sub, and left. The walk back to the car was miserable and a bit uphill. As soon as I got in the car I switched into comfy shoes, and gave praise to the women who can stand wearing heels all day. I admire you ladies. You are definitely stronger than I!

As for yesterday. Time for a visual. Imagine the outfit I have on below


total cuteness. That didn't work out. :( BUT, I tried. I may try again for my bridal shower.

On a happy shoe note, I have found a brand of heels that I CAN wear. I buy them at JCP and they are pretty friggin awesome because they have a THICK heel that gives me lots of support and balance. So far I have a pair in black, and red. I definitely am looking for more. 

Favorite Heels. See the thick heels? Lots of support!

Another pair of heels I wear just for photo's. Hah!

So yeah, while I love heels, and wish I could wear them, I will stick with being able to walk in a timely non tripping over my own feet manner. I will save my few pairs of pumps for special occasions :)


PS - Yes, I know, I am behind on Project 31. I will resume tomorrow. Or at least that is the plan!

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